Saturday, January 2, 2010

One day butterfly.

I have to hurry
I have to fly
I have to find you before I die.

I was born with the urge to love you
nothing next or above you.
My quest is an urgent one
my life can't end before it began
knowing I will never find true love
or with the idea of you
running through my head
not to find you, to imagine instead.

I have to speed my love in your direction
and find you on my way.
I have to love and for a whole day, stay.
In love and fullfilled I will drop to your feet,
goodbey my love, Godspeed.


You are like the snow.
You cover my world and make it bright.
You fell down gently on my life
but it wasn't cold,
it was protection and in the reflection of our shadows
we kissed.

You are like the rain.
You flood my world with love.
You dropped down in a million places
and filled all my empty spaces.
It was perfection and in a reflection of a puddle
we started to cuddle.

You are like the sun.
You warm up my heart and gives it a beat.
You shine on me with rays of love
and bring me blessing.
It was, is, salvation
and in the reflection of your eyes
I will kiss your lips untill I die.

Nimic intre, draga mea.


May 2010 be all you dream about. Health, love, trips and enough money for a little extra! Have a good every day!