Monday, July 1, 2013

Missing you

I miss your words and voice
I miss your wisdom, I have no choice.

I miss your shelter and your care
your personality and your flair.

I miss your harbor where I'm save
I miss your heart where I'm brave.

I miss your body in my bed
I miss the things that you said

I miss your eyes, the brown and the white
I miss your smell  when you hold me thight

I miss the curve of your nose
the freckles, every single one of those

I miss the taste of your lips
the warmth and tenderness
I miss every kiss
I want them all
I don't want anything less

I miss your smile and your laugh
I miss you bathing in my bath

I miss your hands, a little wet
I miss your cuddles and your pets

I miss your hands in my hair
I miss your hands everywhere

I miss, yes, I really do
I miss you!

Saturday, June 1, 2013


I listened to the silence  and still heared your voice.
The wisper and the yell, the song and the prayer.
Echoing in my soul's soul,
pounding in my brain's brain.
The words, one by one, repeating the frases.
Messenger bring me the news and let me fall asleep.
Messenger bring me the news and let me die happy.
And when I rise and see you from a high
I will understand that there is no silence.
There is just a flow of love carrying your presence,
in heaven or on earth.
In my dreams you still hold my hand.
You are forever.
Love  you, mom.

So .....

So did you see me?
I was sitting on a stone
in the middle of a dessert called love.
Sunburned and thirsty for more.

So did you find me?
I was laying under the leaves of fall
in a puddle of mud called sorrow.
Dirty and eager to rise.

So did you search for me?
I was the one with the black shirt
in the black crowd,
next to the black men.
Unknown and praying to stay so.

So you walked on by.
So you smiled at someone else.
So what ....

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sparkling Black

A piece of paper,
a broken pen,
a black and white picture,
a empty bottle of perfume
and in a box my thoughts,
sparkling black.

A burned candle,
a match,
a cold cup of coffee,
an empty vase
and in a box my soul,
sparkling black.

Used shoes,
an old plastic bag,
a letter,
a poëm,
and in a box my heart,
sparkling black.

In a house,
in a room,
in a cupbord,
in a drawer,
in a box,
sparkling black.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Back in time

I will come to meet you
to learn your songs.
I will run to you,
read you books.
I will walk with you,
hear what you're thinking.
I will love you, always,
be the hurt within your pain.
I'll be the black of your shadow,
the silverlining if you want.
I lost my pain in your eyes
and found back the vaine of life.
Hands touching, nose rubbing,
lips bearly touching, breathing.
Remember how tomorrow will be?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Where it's safe

Walking thru the corridors of your heart,
where it's safe,
I meet memories.
It feels strange to see a part of me again.
The fatal first look,
over your shoulder,

In your arms,
where it's safe,
I build my home.
Here is the key and a dubble.
Fingers that are strangled,
never let go.

Let me take your tears,
your smile and all you want to share.
Let me be your now and then
and take you to my heart
and live, love and leave all sorrows behind.
Then we will find where it's safe, together.