Wednesday, December 23, 2009


You let go of my hand
I lost you like loose sand
I carry heavy memories
that stick my feet to the ground
You let go of my mind
no thoughts are mine but yours
I remember you looking over your shoulder
Now I am so much older
You let go of my heart
nobody could catch it
I guess a million pieces
nobody to glue it
You let go of me
and I await the after life
A small consolation
is a consolation.
We will be loved again.

Monday, December 14, 2009


I play your skin with my fingers
like the cords of a violin.
Your sighs are the music I compose.
Pianisimo, my love.
My concerto is easy to write on pages of inspiration
and with a bit of antisipation,
I trow a glance in your direction.
You curve your body to the shape of my violin
waiting for the encore
and I enter your heart through every pore.
My pen writes now all the notes on a line
and my melody is written on the paper of eternal rhyme.
I love my instrument and the sounds of her heart.

Winter secret.

Take me and blow me away.
I am a leaf in the wind on a journey
and at the mercy of the wind.
When I fell from the branch
I left home but not without a purpose.
I need to protect the roots from the cold.
Winter will be hard, so I was told.
Let me tell you a secret while we talk anyway.
When winter is soft we get to be blown far away,
when winter is hard as close as possible to the stam we stay.

Finally some time to write

Dear friends,

I finished all the big works in our house and little by little I feel the urge to write again.
I have some very inspirational music waiting for me and I hope you will start reading "my stuff" again.
Happy to be back.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Playing in the rain

Three little children play in the park.
A skipping rope makes them jump.

A little drop in the sea evaporates,
sadly, leaving the rest behind.

The children sing a song untill dark.
Their hearts don't know how to hurt.

The drop clings on to a clowd
and turns from white in to grey,
no time to play.

The children feel a chill on their spine.
A clowd stole the sun,
it was yours and mine.

The drop went higher and higher.
Out of fear it starts to cry.
It doesn't want to fall,
it might die.

Three little children run home.
The first rain drops warned them for more.
A tree will do for now.
The park doesn't look like the minute before.

The little drop is tired and has to let go.
A long fall next to soulmates takes them
where faith wants them to go.

The children look at a puddle on the ground.
The drops are save and saund.
The puddle gets to big
and the drops float to the creek.

The little drop survived the fall
and wants to forget about it all.
In the creek he can recover because he feels week.

Three little children walk home after the rain.
They played, they didn't fall, they had no pain.

The litlle drop is carried by the creek to sea.
The only place he really wants to be.
Like home to the children, you and me.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Waltzing Georgi

I imagine you wearing a long white dress.
With hoops at the bottom
and the higher, the less.
Your hair like on our wedding day,
on your shoulders a vail, for the wind to play.
Alicia doesn't sing today.
On the piano there is this waltz she plays.
And we dance in circles and sway and sway and sway.
The moon shines tonight and the stars took over your eyes.
And me, I am every note you hear.
I hope you like the melody of my heart.
Just one thing more:
Our love is like a waltz,
like circles, it goes on and on.


Take me river
float with me to the sea.
Show me your curves
and bend towards me to get closer.
Let me conquer the mountains
that walk with you
and the valley that you make fertile.
Embrace me
and errase my sins
with your water.
In the night cold,
in the day hotter.
Keep my toughts fresh and plenty.
Fill my heart, don't leave me empty.
Take me river, my love is a boat,
wherever you want, I will float.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I send to Georgi and Dili. Try it.

Life or Death? Death. I have to much to live for.

Burning or Freezing? Burning. I saw in Ice Age that if you freeze to death, you come to life again when you melt!

Laughing or Crying? Crying. Equals pain unless you cry because you laugh to much.

Going or Coming back? Going. I love a great come back.

God or the Devil? God. Doesn't need an explanation.

Loving or Being Loved? Being loved. Fear of disapointing.

Hate or Being Hated? Being hated. Same as being loved.

Creation or Destruction? Destruction. Too many beautiful things on the world.

Spiders or Snakes? Neither, but I wouldn't put a snake around my neck.

Mother oir Father? Neither. My father seemed tougher.

Depths or Hights? Depths. It's more difficult to climb back up than to fall back down.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stress is my middle name

To all my readers, both of you!

I would like to call out to the world to send me postive energy and thought for I have a big task in the next week. Digging, nivelating and putting a terras. All this rests on my unexpirianced shoulders and unlogic brain who have coordinate this life changing job into a perfect relaxing space.


Thanks to all, known and unknown supporters.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Just a minute.

There is no beginning, there is no end.
There is a memory of yesterday and a idea about tomorrow.
There is today. The day.
The most important minute of your life is the one you are living.
The one before can't be changed but next one....
The next one you can still mould, fix, shape and think about it.
The last one you can, if you choose so, forget.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Musical Leapsa

Got it from my Snoops ans send it to the world.

1.Who I am? I'm just a jalous guy. Brian Ferry.

2.What was this day like? Pump up the jam. Technotronic

3.What should I do with my life? Don't worry, be happy. Bobby Mc Ferrin.

4.What are my parents like? Angels. Robby Williams

5.What is love? My heart will go on. Celine Dion

6.What I do in school? Money for nothing. Dire Straits

7.What’s my motto? Don't stop me now. Queen

8.What is the first thing I think first time when I wake up? Oh Happy Day (gospel Elvis Presley)

9.What is the first thing I think when I see my teachers? Shut Up. Black Eyed Peas.

10.What is my life like? Gold. Spandau Ballet

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I just booked a trip for our 1 year marriage anniversery. Georgi knows nothing, except this when she reads it. Just to make her curious.

Live me.

In all my lives
I searched for the same thing.
My quests had the same goal.

All my hearts had the same beat
and the rythme led the way.

In all my forms
I stayed myself.
Ugly as I might have been.

My dreams didn't change.
My tomorrow stays a day away.

The past and the present are unchangable.
My future is yours,
live me.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Come papa, play with the ball.
Football, football, goal goal goal!!

Look daddy, a cat or a dog!
Woaf wooaf or jump like a frog.

I wave and smile everytime papa comes home
and when he opens the door I kiss him too.

I walk with daddy hand in hand
or jump in the sofa high high high!

We go to the playground and play in the sand
and when he says no I try to understand.

Carry me daddy, I'm tired.
Hug me, I want to be close to you.
Help me, papa
I have sand in my shoe.

When I go to bed, we count the stairs
and I say goodnight to all my teddybears.

He puts me to bed with my touchy in the air
blesses me and kisses me everywhere.

14th of june is fathers day in Belgium
For me it is every day.
Maybe I'm a softie but this is how I feel.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Snili and Doopsy

Two little girls
Sitting on a wall
talking about their dreams
and where stars fall.

Two little girls
floating on a cloud
talking about love
and shouting it out.

Two little girls
dancing on the moon
searching for their prince
and finding him soon.

Two young women
soaring on air
waving their arms
like they just don't care.

Two young women
dancing on the beat
shaking their thing
moving their feet.

Two young women
walking down the ile
stars in their eyes
a tear and a smile.

Two young mothers
living a frenzy
becoming good friends
Snili and Doopsy.

Two young mothers
with the world at their feet
making plans
and dying to meet.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kind of a Leapsa: How well do you know me?

What's my favorite car?
-Audi A6
-Toyota RAV4
-VW Touareg
-Pepper steak
-Clint Eastwood
-Jim Carey
-Jack Nicholson
-Sandra Bullock
-Geena Davis
-Hilary Swank
-Cinderella Man
-The man on the moon
-A beatifull mind

On 10.06.09 the answers will be revaeled. Good luck because the winner wins a poem!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Speed your love to me!

It was lonely in the car this morning.
The sun was rising slowly behind me
and the morning mist rested tired over the fields.
I talked briefly to my love when I woke up
something that doesn't happen often when I have to work.
It changed the day and the routine of a working day.
The seat next to me was empty, the day seemed creeping by slowly.
Work distracts me a bit but every quiet moment I wander off.
My thoughts are home with Georgi and Luca.
I love them soo and need to be loved back.
So speed your love to me in every possible way you can
untill I'm home and take you in my arms.
I long for my boy's welcome home kiss.
Every day it warms my heart how he awaits me by the window
and waves and smiles as I get out of the car.
By the time I open the front door he stands there too with his to me O soo important kiss.
And for tonight I long for the 3 massage areas I conquer almost every evening.
No more revealings, just a day dream of a fool in love.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Luca

Almost two years ago
you came out of the belly of your mammy.
Instantly beautiful and conquering our hearts.
Skin to skin to welcome you in our little world,
we cried all together, joyful and thanking God.
We called you Luca Nathan and your story began.
You grew and we still think you are the most handsome boy
and you give us our daily portion of joy.
Enjoy your youth, my son.
Play, learn, eat, sleep and please keep on loving us with your hughs and kisses,
so pure and unforced.
You are always in our hearts and on our minds.
We wish you a plashing, dashing, jumping, pumping second birthday!!
And all the love of mama and papa.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Don't fade away

The sand is running through my fingers.
Only a few stick to my skin.
When I look down the sand-made-figures shaped your eyes
and I fall, deep, into your brown eterity.
I search for your lips because I need to breathe.
Give me the kiss of life and feed my need.
And then I see the southern winds bring you down to me,
dancing on the beach on a death can dance song.
Don't fade away my brown eyed girl...
Silence is my only vertue.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Warm feelings

The round edge of the sun came peeking over the horizon
and delivered the first rays of sun.
Dark became lighter and a new day began.
The light fell on the water of the river
showing a million times the way it flows.
It seemed to me a guide to a collection of rainbows.
I followed the stream down to the sea.
The seagulls and waves were singing to me.
I took a shell and held it to my ear.
I heard your voice telling me: I love you, dear.
Crying to the seagulls, I begged them to take me up high.
They flew around my head asking: Why? Why?

I need to see my loved one,
I need to give her my heart.

The seagulls united and flew me to the sun,
just in time before my day ended and another one began.
I found myself now on the other side of the world,
where the poem to my loved one could finaly be heared.
I knocked on the door of her heart and she let me in.
We want to be like the sun. Never to end, always to begin.

The round edge of the sun came peeking over our hearts......

Thursday, April 9, 2009

You and me

We have the same wounds you and me.
We bleed from the same place.
The heart is pure, the feeling sure.

We have the same scars you and me.
They remain a memory.
But that's all they are in a past so far.

We have the same love you and me.
Everlasting and undefetable.
Reincarnating every day.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I would like....

I would like to capture a dew drop on the leave of a waterlily
and a sunbeam falling on your skin.

I would like to taste the smell of roses
and shine as the full moon.

I would like to take a walk in your dreams
and fall in your arms.

I would like to grow fields of love
and harvest all year long.

I would like to find you
and cherish and love.


Three construction workers are sitting on top of a building and take a lunch break.
The first one is a Romanian, the second a Belgian and the third one a Moldavian.
The Romanian opens his lunch box and says: Oh no! Again cheese! It has been cheese for the last ten years. If I get cheese tomorrow I jump from this building.
The Belgian opens his lunch box and says: Oh no! Again ham! It has been ham for the last ten years. If I get ham tomorrow I jump from the building to.
The Moldavian opens his lunch box and says: Oh no! Again jam! It has been jam for the last ten years. If I get jam tomorrow I jump from the building to.

The next day at lunch.

The Romanian opens his box and sees the cheese. He says goodbey to the others and jumps.
The Belgian opens his box and sees the ham. He says goodbey to the Moldavian and jumps.
The Moldavian opens his box and sees the jam. He shakes his head and jumps to.

Later that day the three wifes of the workers are there to identify their husbands.
The Romanian says: if I would have known about the cheese I would have given him ham or salami!
The belgian says: if I would have known about the ham I would have given him cheese or salami.
And the Moldavian says: And I couldn't know because he was making his own lunch for the last ten years.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Leapsa !

Tu dupa ce tanjesti ? (What are you longing for?) - Absolute peace of mind for all man kind.
Cand ai spus ultima oara “Te iubesc”? (When did you say "I love you" last time?) - This morning.
Defineste fericirea in 3 cuvinte (define happiness in three words)- Snoopsy, Luca, Health
Cand ai fost ultima oara fericit(a)? (When was the last time you were happy?) - Now!
Ce crezi ca te face fericit(a)? (What do you think makes you happy?) - Snoopsy, Luca, Health
Cand te-ai gandit ultima oara la fericirea ta? (When did you last think about your happiness?) -
Today, but especially yesterday evening when I was writing on the blog.

Got t from Georgi and send to Jokerstyle.


Tell me your first:

Car: VW polo
Trip within the borders: Waterfalls of Coo
Trip abroad: Sluis in The Netherlands
Memory: Eating a cigarette from my father
Pet: A black labrador called Snoepy Crush: My mom
Discovery: Something fishy about the story " the birds and the bee's"
Job: Bar tender
Idol: Adam and the Ants
Creation: I made up a caracter. I was Pasquale De La Montes, a famous Argentinain football player. Some smaller kids in the neighbourhood were amazed that I came to play in Belgium.

I send it to Snoopsy and Dili

Ah Children

Teacher in a first grade class: Name three animals who live in Afrika.
Kid: A lion and two girafs.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


How do hedgehogs make love?

Very carefully!!!

The frightening story of happiness.

A man is the strangest animal.
I can only talk about myself because I never was another man.
Growing up in innocence and sheltered from evil,
at least as much as possible.
Through the cracks of the barricades,
in the form of smoke,
it brings cancer in your life not realising what it is,
that it is going to take away.
Mark one.
The pain never went away completely.
I love her still, I always will.

You become your own man.
I chose how I wanted to live,
who I wanted to be and stay.
The world is nothing like they told you.
Mark two.
Deception is a constant neighbour.
You find it in friends and family
and comfort in the unknown future.

Then it happened.
Mark three.
True love knocks on your door.
It really was true love because it kept on knocking
until I opened the door.
I was and am so lucky that love is stubborn
and doesn't give up on me.
Love gave me a wonderful all fulfilling son, sun.
Here is a cliche: I love my love.
Just can't loose this.

Final mark.

Friday, March 20, 2009


A cowboy is in bed making love to his wife when another cowboy comes in and threatens them with a gun.
The gunman tells the cowboy to get out of bed and to stand in a lasso that he had put on the floor.
He said: If you come out of the lasso I will shoot you.
The cowboy gets into the lasso and the gunman gets into bed rapping his wife.
Suddenly the cowboy starts to laugh out loud!
The gunman, still vey busy, askes him what is so funny?
The cowboy: Hahaha, I ws out of the lasso already 3 times and you didn't even see it!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Ok guys, lets start. With your permission I'll put the first sentence and each time you want to add one do it in the comments please. There are no restriction about how many as long you don't put two in a row, OK?


The light of the sun shines from behind a single white cloud
and the stars in us are begging for its light screaming out loud
The shadow of a branch is covering my hand,
the lilac opens its leaves, a new brand.
My eyes dare to dream touching a sunbeam,
that could quench my thirst for energy.
My heart catches a tear in a net of hope,
made of tiny stitches of a broken dream
keeping it from falling on the sorrow's slope.
The net is golden, the feeling high,
I heal my wings and fly and fly and fly.
Without regrets, no looking back.
The world is lying naked at my feet.
Newborn and pure is our hope.

I want to thank my poetry girls for their inspiration and a wonderful result.

Origine of Friday the 13th

According to folklorists, there is no written evidence for a "Friday the 13th" superstition before the 19th century.[4][5][6] The earliest known documented reference in English occurs in an 1869 biography of Gioachino Rossini:
[Rossini] was surrounded to the last by admiring and affectionate friends; and if it be true that, like so many other Italians, he regarded Friday as an unlucky day, and thirteen as an unlucky number, it is remarkable that on Friday, the 13th of November, he died.[7]
However, some folklore is passed on through oral traditions. In addition, "determining the origins of superstitions is an inexact science, at best. In fact, it's mostly guesswork."[8] Consequently, several theories have been proposed about the origin of the Friday the 13th superstition.
One theory states that it is a modern amalgamation of two older superstitions: that thirteen is an unlucky number and that Friday is an unlucky day.
In numerology, the number twelve is considered the number of completeness, as reflected in the twelve months of the year, twelve signs of the zodiac, twelve hours of the clock, twelve tribes of Israel, twelve Apostles of Jesus, twelve gods of Olympus, etc., whereas the number thirteen was considered irregular, transgressing this completeness. There is also a superstition, thought by some to derive from the Last Supper or a Norse myth, that having thirteen people seated at a table will result in the death of one of the diners.[5]
Friday has been considered an unlucky day at least since the 14th century's The Canterbury Tales,[3] and many other professions have regarded Friday as an unlucky day to undertake journeys or begin new projects. Black Friday has been associated with stock market crashes and other disasters since the 1800s.[6][9] It has also been suggested that Friday has been considered an unlucky day because, according to Christian scripture and tradition, Jesus was crucified on a Friday. [10]
On the other hand, another theory by author Charles Panati, one of the leading authorities on the subject of "Origins" maintains that the superstition can be traced back to ancient myth:
The actual origin of the superstition, though, appears also to be a tale in Norse mythology. Friday is named for Frigga, the free-spirited goddess of love and fertility. When Norse and Germanic tribes converted to Christianity, Frigga was banished in shame to a mountaintop and labeled a witch. It was believed that every Friday, the spiteful goddess convened a meeting with eleven other witches, plus the devil - a gathering of thirteen - and plotted ill turns of fate for the coming week. For many centuries in Scandinavia, Friday was known as "Witches' Sabbath."[11]
Another theory about the origin of the superstition traces the event to the arrest of the legendary Knights Templar. According to one expert:
The Knights Templar were a monastic military order founded in Jerusalem in 1118 C.E., whose mission was to protect Christian pilgrims during the Crusades. Over the next two centuries, the Knights Templar became extraordinarily powerful and wealthy. Threatened by that power and eager to acquire their wealth, King Philip secretly ordered the mass arrest of all the Knights Templar in France on Friday, October 13, 1307 - Friday the 13th.[4]
The connection between the superstition and the Knights Templar was popularized in the 2003 novel The Da Vinci Code, however, some experts think that it is relatively recent and is a modern-day invention.[9][3][8] For example, the superstition is rarely found before the 20th century, when it became extremely common. One author, noting that references are all but nonexistent before 1907 but frequently seen thereafter, has argued that its popularity derives from the publication that year of Thomas W. Lawson's popular novel Friday, the Thirteenth,[12] in which an unscrupulous broker takes advantage of the superstition to create a Wall Street panic on a Friday the 13th.[4]

The test of the 3 huts

A pilot crashed in the jungle, survived and was captured by a wild tribe. He was tied to a pole in the middle of the village and the chief spoke to him:
Chief: you have a choise. U You can stauy here in the sun and wait untill you die or do the test of the 3 huts.
Pilot: What is the test of the 3 huts?
C: You have to enter the first hut and drink 20 liters od whiskey in an hour. Then you enter the second one and wrestle a lion and break his neck and then you enter the third one and you have to un-virgin-ise my daughter.
The pilot thinks for a second and says: I don't mind the drinking, I used to box a bit so maybe I have a chance with the lion and with your daughter it will be a pleasure so I'll take the test.
The pilot enters the first hut and comes out after an hour really really drunk.
He enters the second one and the lion starts to roar and make all kind of strange noises. The pilot yells too. Suddenly everything is quiet.
The pilot comes out and says still being very drunk:

Just a thought.

Sometimes the world turns to fast.
A second instantly becomes the past.
Constantly we write a new page in the book of our life.
If I would be a writer, a real one,
I would prefer writing about how I want my future to be
than to waist pages with past misery.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Leapsa !

Tell me your first:

Car: VW polo
Trip within the borders: Waterfalls of Coo
Trip abroad:
Sluis in The Netherlands
Memory: Eating a cigarette from my father
Pet: A black labrador called Snoepy
Crush: My mom
Discovery: Something fishy about the story " the birds and the bee's"
Job: Bar tender
Idol: Adam and the Ants
Creation: I made up a caracter. I was Pasquale De La Montes, a famous Argentinain football player. Some smaller kids in the neighbourhood were amazed that I came to play in Belgium.

I send this Leapsa to Snoopsy and Dili.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Too many!

An American, a Russian, a Belgian and a Moroccan are sitting in a train and start bragging.
The American says the have dollars, so much dollars and he trows a bunch of them through the window.
The Russian says we have Vodka, so much Vodka and he trows some bottles through the window.
The Belgian says: we have so much.... and the Moroccan says: Don't you dare!!!!

Musical Leapsa

Are you in for some champaign?
I took from Dili and I give it to Bad Girls.....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Friends and money

Two friends talking. A. Can you lend me 250€, I have a lot of bills this month.
B. Ok but I need it back next month.
A. No problem, I promise.

The next month.
B. So how about my money?
A. I'm sorry, again a lot of bills! Next month?
B. Ok but no more excuses!
A. I promise.

Next month.
B. You have my money?
A. No I'm sorry but you can take my dog. A. shows B. an old, sick, dirty, smelly dog without hair or teeth that does his duty everywhere.
B. I don't need that dog, I need my money.
A. Ok Ok next month for sure.

A month later.
B. So you have my money?
A. No man sorry, but you can take my wife.
B. takes a good look at the woman and says: Can I see that dog again?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A joke a day

Under impulse of my Snoopsy I inaugurate a new label on my blog. From now on I'll try to amuse you once a day.

I have to warn you, they might be gross! Some of them.

Here it goes:

Do you know why a fart stinks?

So that deaf people can enjoy too!

New Assignment

I would like to write a poem with other bloggers. Let's say Dili, Little Miss and Snoopsy are interested we write the poem together(I hope there will be more). We all have a writing order in which we write three times one sentence and doing so complete the poem. Also suggestions for a subject are welcome. Please announce if you are interested before Friday. In the week end we decide upon the subject and Monday we start. Let your inspiration flow.

Leapsa chachacha

01. Where is your cell phone? fire place
02. Your significant other? toilet
03. Your hair? brownish
04. Your mother? heaven
05. Your father? followed
06. Your favorite? Nimic Intre.
07. Your dream last night? nothing
08. Your favorite drink? sprite
09. Your dream/goal? stand up comedian
10. What room you are in? living room
11. Your hobby? poetry
12. Your fear? loneliness
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Home
14. Where were you last night? bedroom
15. Something that you aren't? hard
16. Cakes? Melo
17. Wish list item? talent
18. Where you grew up? Oostduinkerke
19. Last thing you did? play
20. What are you wearing? pull
21. Your TV? LG
22. Your pets? None
23. Friends? Few
24. Your life? Great
25. Your mood? Happy
26. Missing someone? Mom
27. Car? Toyota RAV4
28. Something you're not wearing? Bra
29. Your favorite store? Mexx
30. Your favorite color? Green
31. When is the last time you laughed? today
32. Last time you cried? yesterday
33. Who will resend this? Little Miss Sunshine
34. One place that I go to over and over? Work
35. One person who emails me regularly? Nobody
36. My favorite place to eat? Home

Monday, March 2, 2009

Come home

Your hand is cold.
Are you nervous?
The corners of your eyes carry a little tear,
I see a reflection of desperation and fear.
Where are you dreams?

I feel so ugly and dirty without you.
I don't have a life anymore,
no soul or core.
I still have your smell on my skin
just like in the very beginning.

I feel ill and alone in my desperation
and scared mostly.
Like a little boy waiting for his mama to come home.
Come home.
Your place is here,
in a world without fear,
no more question marques or troubles
in all kinds of dark.

I fell in your embrace like a spider makes its web.
I don't ask for anything more.
My head is hurting, my bones are sore.
No more yesterday or before.

Alive and kicking


Sunday, March 1, 2009

J'y crois encore - I still believe

And the winner is: The Sun and the Ice.

Minus 7.
The sun shines it's lyrics on the Earth
and tries to break the cold wall, word by word.
The shadow of the trees imprisons the suns reflection in the ice
and only the memory of freedom remains.
The colours paint the landscape as an idea of heaven
but colours change quickly, as does reality.
The sun is tired of this icy attitude.
He fights the biggest trees, he gets the smallest bushes,
but does he lose his poetry?
The sun writes the ice away
and tells us the prophecy of summer.
Winter took over for a while but won't prevail
because the sun is the author of this fairy tail.

Congratulations to all!
It was very difficult to choose and actually I had two favorite sentences. The one of Little Miss Sunshine that I used in the poem but also Dili's "The sun kindly asked a tree to bend so he could see himself in the mirror made of ice" Therefore, I wrote another, shorter, poem because it would be a waste not to use it.


Hello Sunshine!
You look radiant today!
Your warmth is touching my very core
and makes me long for more.
This beauty is one of a kind
and constantly plays with my mind.
I bend my frozen body and stay at your feet.
The sun kindly asked a tree to bend so she could see herself in the mirror made of ice.
A little smile appeared and she acknowledged by kissing the ice
and while doing so they coloured the world in shades of pink.
Although they won't be together for long their love will be reborn every year.
In this picture, right here.

Hope you like them both.

La multi ani de Martisor!

1st of March is here again and since 4 years it is a holiday in my life. We try to uphold the tradition in Belgium also as much as we can. I invited my Snoops to go to the restaurant called "The Sunflower" and have a nice lunch. For Luca it's going to be fun because they have an inside playground.
I wish you all a wonderful day with sun, fun and love.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Little Spring Poem

The light played with the morning dew on the leaves of the old oak tree.
The cookoo sang a bright new day and I opened my eyes.
I heard the flowers talk about the honey and the bees.
Birds were nesting in trees.
The water of the creek hurried back to the sea.
The sun was shining on my skin like it was just for me.
I was laying there for a while when I felt a sensation on my face.
It was a smile.

Nulla in mundo pax sincera (Amor Sacro)

Dear everybody,

I wanted to let you know this masterpiece. It comes out of the film "Shine" ( a must see by the way). It gives me goosebumps and a feeling of being surrounded by angels.
It also makes me think about my mom who, and I don't joke, used to sing like this while working in her kitchen.

Friday, February 27, 2009


Look at the picture on top of my blog and write a discriptive comment captured in one sentence.

Go for it!

The best sentence will be included in a poem written especialy for the winner.

Good luck!

A very big thank you.

I want to thank all you guys for doing my laepsa and giving such good answers. Also I'm very proud to see thay all of you know famous Belgians or products from Belgium. Thumbs up!!

If (written in blue)

If I would write you a poem on the petals of flowers,
would you read it in its aroma and nurture it for a lifetime?

If I would write you a sonata on the trees of a forest,
would you sway on the rhythm of the branches conducted by the wind?

If I would sculpt you a heart out of a rock in the middle of nowhere,
would you search for it without taking a second of rest and carry it with you
untill the end of time?

If I would die and look upon you every day,
would you pray to recieve shelter and love,
would you pray for more time and erase the time we wasted?

If I would be reborn and knock on your door,
would you embrace a second chance,
would you go out of your way to avoid the pain,
would you let me die again?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Leapsa of my own (and I hope I did it right)

I send it to Snoopsy, Dili, Little Miss Sunshine, Un Om.

If I would be a:

country: Canada
door: emergancy door
form - shape and state: triangle-liqiud
state of mind: smiley
quantity: just enough
sunbloc: zero
streetname: No Hate street
planet: Jupiter
American: Hunter "Patch" Adams
dream: to make a differance in the world.
Romanian: Mircea Eliade
Belgian (start searching-hahaha): Eddy Merckx


I took it from little Miss Sunshine and send it to Snoopsy and Dili.

IF I would be a:

Flower: Mimosa
Season: Spring
Coulor: Green
Animal: Ant
Fashion object: Suspenders
Furniture: Lazy chair
Music: Rach 3
Landscape: Sunset ocean
Object: zapper
Instrument: Piano
Tree: Canadian Poplar
Town: Durbuy (Belgium)
Public person: Obama
Other person: Snoopsy
Book: The Alchemist
Food: Ham filled with salade de boeuf
Superhero: Spiderman
Fenomenon of nature: Snow
Car: Audi SUV
Fruit: Grapes
Bodypart: Heart
Film: The man on the moon.


My eyes are green and I was called forest.
She walked in them for hours and always was amazed.
I follow her every move without a minute of rest.
She stopped sometimes because she was daized.
I wrote about her and her trips,
I literally was hanging on her lips.
My love for her is clustered to my mind
and chained to my heart.
I live in her shadow,
I carry her heart.
I want to invent an erraser of bad and sad
and rewrite in coulors and flowers about true feelings.
If I coud make a land called " Understandia " it would replace " Utopia ".
My eyes are still green,
the forest is still yours.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

... and then today

Please don't do that anymore!

Childhood emotions.

I must have been like 11 years old when this little girl have me goose bumps. It made me sad at furst but the climax is great!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Where do lovers go when they lost the way?
They wander around in a place that is far away
from reality and this place is not true.
It makes them feel so blue.
Nothing seems like it is,
every word sounds bad,
every feeling is sad.
But I believe.
I believe that the yellow brick road is not untraceable.
It just takes the will to take a positiv decision or each others hand
and walk together to a better, warmer place.
A singer wrote that love is the answer.
I'm full of answers.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What a world!

What is going on with this world of ours, where the youth is hurried to grow up and there is no time left to be a kid. I can't look around me without seeing adolescents being unhappy, insecure, scared or alone. Is it society, is it the parents or just a new rage, a state of mind? Just to be inn! It's something I can't explain because as I see they have so much more, maybe too much. Of course this with war, hunger, AIDS, drugs, divorce and religion infested world is far from it's basics and money consumes everything. When I was a kid all I needed was a ball and a wall and for hours I played in my imaginary world being a pro football player. Or a bike, where I was the winner of the Tour the France. Now all those things are taken away by computer games. No space for movement or developing a young mind. Everything is fed with a spoon and the values of being young or a kid are gone. Some of them resist. The ones, just like me (I am proud to say), who dare to say no to vandalism, smoking, drinking, drugs.....they do great. OK, they don't have many friends or don't belong to a group but do we want friends like that? I didn't.
I fear for the world of tomorrow where my son has to live in and although it's not his responsibility I do hope that his generation is going to reverse this negative spiral.
This is a cry out to all parents to get busy with their kids and lead them back home.
I can't take one more kid shouting: STOP THE WORLD, I WANT TO GET OFF!!

Darker, colder, longer.

The night seems darker tonight than it was yesterday.
The moon shines but doesn't bring its light through the mist.
I counted the stars and there are a few missing
and so are some angels and blessings.

The night seems colder toninght than it was ever.
Ice is forming around the moon.
I wish it was daytime somewhere around noon.
The sun shining high in the sky.
I long for the day I don't know why.

The night seems longer tonight, an eternity in time.
The moon smiles but it's not sincere.
The thought of another night fills me with fear.
I'm going to imagine myself in the light of day
and in that dream I want to stay.

Toni Braxton - Unbreak my heart

For every broken hearted soul on this sometimes lonely world.

Toni Braxton

Saturday, February 14, 2009


My sweetheart,

I love you and I wanted everybody to know.
For once I won't write you a poem on the blog
but just for you and me.

Te Iubesc
Ik hou van jou
Je t' aime
Ich liebe dich
Ti Amo
Te Quiero
I love you
Happy Valentine!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fantasy Impromptu by Chopin

I hope when you finished listening to this piece you will understand my next poem.

I'm running, I have to.
Can't stand still now.
Not when I'm so close and yet so far.

I remember when we were holding hands,
walking, the stream by our side.
A little left, little right.
Your lips willing to meet mine.
Every stolen kiss, a crime.
I'm willing to go to jail and pay
if you promise me to wait an stay.

But now they come to catch me,
so I'm running, can't stop now.
I've almost reached sanctuary.
I can already hear your heart beating.
Your harbor is awaiting.

The dilemma is tearing me apart.
Do I listen to my head or to my heart?
I am not able to be alive without you
but to pay would prove my love for you.

I'm captured two times,
once by your smile,
once by my faith.
I'll write you from my exile
I'll paint your smile,
on the wall and on the door,
on every window big or small.
And the sun will grant me a ray of light
that I will capture in my hands
and cherish and hold tight.

Maybe I'll escape, maybe I'll flee.
I have to run in search of you and me.
I hope your waiting for me because I'm getting close.
And I never ever will let go,
once your in my sight
I will attract you and walk with pride.

We have to run now, we can't stand still.
We have to catch up with time
because waisting it is the biggest crime.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Short story

It was cold. The little room was pale and the paint came down like leaves in autumn. A candle shed a ray of light on a book and on her face. Wrapped in a few covers she was reading and dreaming away in the adventures she lived in her head, brought there by the words and stories of a writer. Nothing mattered to her when she was reading, nothing could disturb her. It was her way of escaping and feeling good about herself. Everything she knew, she knew because of books and reading. She liked the most the travels she made in her head. She visited far away countries, little unknown towns, isolated pieces of nature but more importantly the heart of her love, Paul. In all her dreams she took Paul with her. He was a soldier, farmer, a father,…He was there all the time and she never knew a love more intense than this.
Paul was the fruit of her imagination but she was sure that one day she would meet him and that moment would reveal the truth and make all her dreams come true.

-Give me your hand, Alice. Hold on to me.
Paul was reaching out his hand to her and helped her of a ridge. They made a long walk in the mountains of Bolivia and as they were climbing the paths got smaller and more narrow. The sun was heavy and every bit of shadow was welcome. They sat down under a big tree and rested while drinking fresh water out of a little stream. Paul put his arm around her and kept her close. She rested her head against his chest and smiled realising that nobody knew where they were and it didn’t matter to her. She could die there and be fulfilled with her life.
-It’s time to get back, are you ready?
She looked up at him like she wanted to ask him to stay there for ever.
-Come on- he said, -if we start now we’ll reach Solita before dark.
Against her will but understanding Paul’s point of view she got up, put her hand in his and started the road back.
-Do you trust me?- Paul asked her.
-Yes , why?
-Come here and close your eyes until I say it’s ok!
They were right at the ridge and he put his arms around her waist, standing behind her.
-Spread your arms know, Kate Winslet.- and then he let her fall a little in front of him still holding her tight.
-Now open your eyes!
When she opened her eyes it was like she was flying high like an eagle surveying his territory. Adrenaline pumped the blood around in her body and her heart flew right by her side calling out his name, Paul!

Alice woke up from her dream journey to Bolivia and Paul was nowhere near. Her candle was all burned up and the damp of her breath was gliding down the small window. The sun tried to warm the room but was to weak so early in the morning. She tried so hard to remember her dreams because she wrote them down in her diary so when she met Paul she could show him what they already lived together. She stretched and shivered and then put her arms exactly on the place where Paul put his arms in her dream. She could still feel him and this fed her believe he was close, ready to meet her. Somewhere he wrote a diary about the dreams he had about her, Alice.

In the kitchen, the kettle filled with water was whistling breakfast time. She longed for the coffee her mother made her. She never ate in the morning but coffee was an absolute must. It started her motor. It was the fuel which dragged her to work and true the day. The day she prayed for to pass as fast as possible so she could go back to her book, dreams and love.

One hour later she took place behind her desk in the bank where she worked. It was the second month she worked there and she was nervous because in a few days they would tell her if she could stay as a full time employee. She was the soul earner of her family and thus it was very important. Every day at the end of her shift she counted her money drawer in a slight state of panic afraid she made a mistake during the day. But she never did and her direct superior was very happy with her.
Today a new fax machine is going to be delivered and Alice is the one who is going to receive the instructions and modalities how to use it. Later on, everybody of the bank would come to her to fax papers. This gave her some hope about being able to stay there permanently. Mister Turner would call her if the delivery was made.
With her head in her papers she forgot about time and concentrated on her tasks. And then…
-Oh, yes Mister Turner, can I help you?
-The machine was delivered and you should come to hear how to work it.
-Yes sir, I come immediately.
She followed Mister Turner into the next room. Three people were standing around the new machine which was placed on an old antique desk. She recognized the director and his secretary but the third person she couldn’t place. It wasn’t the delivery man because he was wearing a nice suit and a tie of the nicest green.
-Alice,- said the director, -this is Mister Collins of the Tec-Office firm. He is going to explain to you how to use this faxing machine and your responsibility will be to make it clear to the rest of us. Are you up to it, Alice?
She swallowed her fear and tension and answered, - Yes sir, of course!
-Good, come by my office when you are done here.
-Yes sir, Mister Andretti.
Without saying goodbye Mister Andretti left the room accompanied by his secretary.
In a very shy way she looked at Mister Collins and noticed he had a friendly face. His nametag said P. Collins. Everything about him seemed familiar but as he started his explanation she focused and forgot all about his eyes which were matching his tie.

Later that day she was walking home and she saw the wind play with the fields of corn. It was like a sea without waves that was coloured yellow and green. Her thoughts wandered back to the moment when she looked into Mr. Collins’ eyes. It also reminded her of a dream she had where Paul was a farmer in a certain part of France and she was there too as a help in the kitchen. She never liked that dream because Paul was married there and she envied that woman so much. But in the end she won his heart and they made love in de fields going with the waves and the wind. Now she was anxious to get home and to read again. She felt a strange sensation in her stomach, a feeling she lost or forgot but it felt so good that she wandered what it could be.

Her mother was waiting for her with dinner and like she new about her meeting with Mr. Collins she asked if she met some interesting people today.
-Just the guy from the fax machine.
She blushed and her mother saw that there was something going on. This was not a reaction for the always calm and serene Alice.
-Why don’t you tell me about him? He seems an interesting man.
-Oh mother please, I know nothing about him and that’s not going to change because I don’t want to know.
Al thru dinner not a word was spoken but there was a smile on there faces.

Later that evening Alice sat in her little room again. A new candle was burning and now only the moon smiled down on Alice’s dreams. She sunk away in the sea of words put there by a French writer telling her of a man who had all the sicknesses of the world or so he thought. But tonight she had a hard time to concentrate. P. Collins. Green eyes. Heart beatings. Love? Paul? Paul Collins?
In her sub conscience she dreamed a plan. A way to she him again very soon and to find out what he was doing in her life so suddenly and asking all her attention. What nerve he got taking all her thoughts and time. No way she would let this happen. She wanted control back over her feelings and emotions. She wanted to be in charge again of her dreams. But Paul was her dream and filled all her emotions. It was very confusing for her but in a way it was all she was looking for.

Another candle burned, another dream to write down and this time a plan. A love plan. If Mr. Collins is her Paul she would find out as soon as possible.

The next morning, after her coffee ritual, she hurried to work. She felt her blood running thru her veins anxiously and her brain was like an electric storm ready to flood the world but only this time she wanted to leave a mark, an undeniable impression. Something that Mr. Collins couldn’t ignore or forget. But what? How could she attract his attention without being an open book. She didn’t want him to be able to read the pages of her mind like a cheap novel.
On her desk she found a pile of papers and files with post-it’s on which reminded her she had to fax the lot. Maybe the fax machine was the way to see him again, to make him come to the bank. What if there was a defect and he had to come to repair? Ah, sabotage for a good purpose. Matters of the hart.

-Good morning Mr. Andretti!
Her boss came in early today and smiled at her gently. Just as he was going to march out the room he stopped and turned around.
-Alice, I’m expecting Mr. Collins in half an hour. Show him to my office when he arrives.
-Yes sir, of course.
Her heart was beating faster again and the plan she made up could be buried or burned. No more sabotage. Time was passing so slowly now, now she knew she would see him again and be attracted to his green ,deep forest eyes. Every tick of the clock where two heartbeats. A hundred and twenty a minute. Seven thousand and two hundred beats an hour. What a rush of impassionedness.
Exactly half an hour went by and she looked anxiously at the door. A little disappointed she picked up the ringing phone and wandered why he wasn’t there yet. Mr. Andretti hated it when his appointments ran late.
The man on the phone wanted to check his accounts and disagreed with some transactions the bank did. She got distracted because of the series unfriendly words the man called her and didn’t see the shadow of a tall man casting over her desk. A few minutes later she put the phone down in an agitated way and a little angry she raised her head to see who was waiting there.
-Mr. Collins! Good morning sir. Mr. Andretti is waiting for you. Please follow me.
-Good morning, Alice is it? Are you all right? You seem upset.
-I am a little, sir. Just a rude man on the phone.
-Ah, those men, no good can come of them.
He smiled at her and she smiled back, shy but intensely.
They walked to Mr. Andretti’s office in silence but she felt the ice was broken and for her that was good. A big step forward.
As they approached the office she got nervous for the goodbye’s. It was like she would be departed from him for the rest of her life. She knocked on the door two times and as Mr. Andretti yelled enter, Mr.Collins said, -Thank you Alice, maybe I see you soon.
-Who knows, it would be nice.
Oops, what did she say now. It would be nice? She felt her face turning red but luckily Mr. Collins was entering the office and didn’t see it. She was so mad with her self for the lose lips and again her heart went into fifth gear.

That day she didn’t see him again and in a way she was relieved because she would have been embarrassed but somewhere in the back of her head she wandered what reaction it would bring. Did he hear her words and if he did would he act on it or wasn’t he interested at all. Oh God, please let him be interested, she prayed silently. On thing she did observe today. There was no ring on his finger so she had good hopes he didn’t have a wife. Maybe a girlfriend? The thought alone made her feel desperation. What if her Paul lived his dreams with somebody else? What if her quest for love ended abruptly and she could never love again.

When she came home that evening her mother was talking to a woman she didn’t know. She looked distinguished and had a certain flair hanging around her. When she saw Alice she smiled friendly and asked her mother if it was possible to talk to Alice alone.
-Alice, this is Misses Hanson. She works for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was send here by a acquaintance of yours. Mr. Collins, was it Misses Hanson?
-Yes mother, he is the man who have me instructions about the new fax machine at work. I don’t understand? What has Foreign Affairs to do with me and with Mr. Collins.
Misses Hanson smiled and answered, -That’s what I want to talk to you about. Can we sit.
They both took place in the living room while her mother felt the room greeting Misses Hanson.
-I hear you work at the Andretti Bank, do you like it there?
-Yes, I do, thank you.
-But you’re not certain yet you can stay there, are you?
-No, I’m not but they will notify me any day now.
-I don’t think you will get the job, dear.
-Excuse me? Why not?
-Because we want you at Foreign Affairs. We need a good secretary there and you where recommended by the nephew of the Minister.
-How? I don’t know anybody who is related to the Minister or his nephew.
-Yes you do! Mr. Collins, remember. He is the nephew of the Minister and had nothing than good words about you. He heard you didn’t had a steady job and saw in you a lot of qualities. What do you think, dear? Interested?
-This is all so sudden and Mr. Collins? Really? I’m a little surprised and happy in the same time. Do you have to know my answer now?
-No dear, you can take your time but there is one condition. You have to notify Mr. Collins personally about your decision. I will leave you his phone number.

Heavy smoke of cigarettes and cigars was hanging around his head in this jazzy art café. He went there frequently because he enjoyed the ambiance. It was a dark place with lights in purple and red and all the future talents were singing there or playing the extension of there bodies, there instruments. He put his pen in his jacket and folded a little peace of paper. He just kept it in his hand and was thinking about the contents of that note. He strongly felt a vibe running thru his body and the words that he wrote down where dancing in his brain on the rhythm of a contra bas.

The light of your eyes met the moonlight and the world showed all it’s secrets.
Your touch is golden and pureness is your heart.
Soft as silk you kissed my soul
Fever captured my body as I’m the prisoner of a burning love……

He was ticking his fingers on the little table where his coffee stood and whistled without a sound inside his head. A secret longing to give this poem to his unknown love took over everything which made him a reasonable man and inpatient he left his chair, took a last look around and walked to the door. He promised himself to keep faith and to believe like a romantic fool.

A taxi took him home and the driver knew without asking where he had to bring him. At least a hundred times he brought him home and by now there was a kind of connection between them.
-Tired, Paul?
-Yes Henry, but satisfied!
-How was the music today? Like Ella or ……
-No no no! It was modern jazz, abstract but catchy.
-I like more the old school. There’s more dept and soul in notes.
-I like it all…-but then Paul stopped talking and wandered off to a place only he knew. Henry knew about this moment, it wasn’t the first time that in the middle of a conversation he was left alone, talking to himself.
-Here we are, Paul. See you soon.
Paul paid and tipped Henry and wished him a good night.
Eight stairs up to the door of his house. A big brown door was waiting there as a guardian proud to protect and serve. The hall was cold and much to big. A big mirror reflected his image and as usual he thought in that exact moment that he should move from there. He didn’t dough. It was his parents house and his grandparents before that. Too much history.
He went into the library where he sat down to write in his diary but he was tired and decided just to take some notes. He dragged himself to bed and fell asleep without taking off his clothes.

In a total different state of mind Paul was walking towards the Andretti Bank. A state of the art fax machine was delivered there and he had to initiate one of the secretaries. Franco Andretti was a personal friend of his which came in handy to sell his article.

The door leading to the hall of the bank opened. Mr Turner entered followed by a beautiful young woman. It was as she was walking on clouds and she moved like the waves of a lake. A fresh summer breeze filled the room and for a moment he recognized this face, this beautiful face. Mr. Andretti introduced her as Alice and he immediately associated her with wonderland. He came back to reality and started to explain the functions of the fax but while doing this he took the opportunity to study her face, voice and movements. She was not a stranger to him, he saw her before. His dreams where filled by her and now he had a dream come true.
A quick talk with Mr. Andretti learned him that she didn’t have a steady job at the bank but that they would hire her permanently very soon. He wanted to act on that before it was to late. He wanted to use his connections to offer her a steady job and impress her. Was this the right thing to do? Paul had two reasons to doubt his anxiousness, Mr Andretti and Alice. He decided to chew on his thoughts for a while and followed his agenda until the evening brought him back to jazz, smoke and coffee.

The next morning Paul took an early start and drove to his uncles house. Georges Collins was the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the brother of his late father. He always wanted Paul to come and join the diplomacy but Paul wanted to make it on his own and feel free of strains or relations but this time it was his overly fast beating heart that was at stake. He was driven by a fairly new feeling that he didn’t dare to describe as love yet but he was so close of being sure. He reached the domain and the impressive gates of his uncles house where the security checked his identity and announced his arrival. He drove up to the front of the house where he was welcomed by a valet opening his car door and seeing him to the hall.
-Your uncle will see you in a second, sir. Would you like to wait in the library?
Paul agreed because this was his favourite place of the house. He always felt that he couldn’t count enough to know how many book there where. This room was filled to the roof with wooden layers in dark brown and they all carried books and billions of words, ideas and inspiration. Just as he wanted to sit down his uncle entered.
-Uncle Georges, good morning!
-Paul, my boy, how are you?
The usual chit chat filled the next minutes and Paul was impatient to talk about the quest his heart made him take. As the tea was served and the valet left the library he bundled all his courage.
-I wanted to talk to you about something. It’s very important to me and to be honest it’s a matter of the heart.
-Really? Are you telling me you met someone you could love, Paul? This is world shocking news. Tell me all about her. It is a her, isn’t it?
-Yes yes, it is a her but I can’t tell you much yet. I met her once, briefly, I now where she works and her first name and that’s it.
-Impressive! Would it be fair to say that you are blinded, my boy? A little hasty maybe?
-I know but I have this strange feeling that I know her since for ever and that she is the one I’ve been waiting for. And in my dreams I meet her every night. Everywhere my dream brings me, she’s there and now she’s the soul owner of my thoughts.
-But where do I come in, Paul? Do you want me to reason you or feed this fever you have?
-I would like to ask you to give her a job, a steady one. She’s working at the Andretti bank for the moment but hasn’t been hired permanently yet. The bank is very pleased with her and will give her the job soon but I was thinking that a job at Foreign Affairs would be even better for her and maybe she would be impressed by it. For me a perfect opportunity to break the ice.
-This is most unusual and I have to say I’m not reluctant to act on this urge of yours. She’s a total stranger to you and me and this not an ordinary job you’re asking me to give her.
-Aren’t you in the perfect position to screen her? I don’t even want to know about her background. You check it and decide if she’s F.A. material. I never asked you for anything before and this is important to me.
-Alright. Find out her full name and date of birth and I will see what I can do.
-That’s all I’m asking, thank you.

A little later Paul left and drove into town. He put his phone in hand free mode and called Franco Andretti. An appointment was made and a hour later he could go and see him. He also called his personal secretary to cancel all his appointments that day. That was the first time ever. His poor secretary asked if he was all right and if he was feeling ill. His brain was working fast en sharp now. The whole scenario ran before his eyes and he wanted to be sure he didn’t oversee the slightest detail.


Bucarest - Oostende ( third and final part)

We entered a with people loaded railway station and mastered our way to a waiting spot. We were about an hour early and had the time to eat something before departure. We wanted to be early because it was important to have a "couchette" for the three of us alone. As soon as the train was announced we made our move but didn't find one couchette that was completely free so moved in with a young guy. We played a little little scene in which we let him know that he should better go and look for a place to sleep with someone else because we couldn't assure him of a quiet night with our little Luca. A bit against his will he went and searched and sortly after that he found a a place with one other person. Our goal was achiefed. The night went smoothly because Luca didn't cry at all and this time no border controles to wake us up. The only stressy thing on our minds was the transfer between this train and the one taking us from Koln to Brussels. We had to look how late train departed, on what rail, buy the tickets and get there with the baby and our luguage. As it seemed we had exactly 16 minutes so we hurried to the train and then I quickly ran to buy the tickets. With a few minutes to spare we took the Thalys (TGV = Train a Grande Vitesse) heading for Brussels where we would have the same situation like in Koln. An hour and a half later we arrived in Brussels to find out that now we had like 20 minutes. The same ritual as before put us on a train to Oostende, where we lived at the time. This time the train was packed. Luca didn't like that so much and was happy to get of the train and into the taxi to drive us home. It was 14.00h and sunny. At home a pille of mail was waiting for us. We quickly threw the bills away!(joke). Without knowing it we stepped in the daily life routine and only in the evening we were thinkung about our trainscapade. A nice memory never to forget.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Only you

Every pore is rising by the discovery of your smell.
It announces your image and body that I know so well.
My accelerating heart feels like jumping out of my chest.
This hasty pace tells me: never stop, never rest.
I try to look in your eyes to messure how deeply you love me.
No use to avoid it, I need to know daily, I won't quit.
Did you ever feel like shouting "baby" for minutes in a row.
You don't know how to walk or where to go.
Your breath is taken away.
Your thoughts sway, pray, wander off, stay.
I ingraved your name in my heart.
It's like a hidden tattoo.
There was only one place
and it's for you.


I took it from Georgi, I give it to Bad girls

The prayer

A prayer for everybody. Enjoy.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I don't like the silence.
I know what it means.
It hurts more to my ears then shouting.
It's a game of waiting and see,
what will happen, what will be.
You listen and hear nothing but sighs.
The question is why?
I don't like the silence.
I miss a voice,
but the silence is a given not a choice.
It seemes that not only the art of speach is lost.
What will it take to warm up and defrost
a tongue that I would love to move,
and together with the vocal cords,
to improve the mood.


Sunt … not turning out to be who I was supposed to be.
As vrea … to make everybody happy.
Pastrez … hope
Mi-as fi dorit … to use my talent(s) at the max
Nu imi place … not to be understood, considered, liked.
Ma tem … of losing...........everything that's precious to me.
Aud … the world crying out for help.
Imi pare rau … for being grumpy, being nervous, being me.
Imi plac … to paint a smile on your face
Nu sunt … a bad boy, old, home.
Dansez… to old tunes from the new wave times
Cant … mostely in a voice my wife doesn't like.
Niciodata …give up.
Rar … I sleep enough
Plang cand privesc … unhappiness, fear, no faith
Nu imi place de mine pentru ca … there is nothing to like
Sunt confuza … all the time and I forget a lot
Am nevoie... my wife, my boy, my girl, my family, my God
Ar trebui … lose weight, get fit and get healthy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Time on my own

The clock charmes five.
A little candle shapes a shadow on the wall.
It moves in franctions, in heat.
I can't recognize anything in a room that is mine.
Losing my way in my own room is frightning,
how can find my way in this world?

The clock charmes seven?
Where was I all this time?
I should have turned left, not right.
The candle still gives me a little light.
The shadow didn't move.
The sun did thou. It moved away.
I go. I stay.

The clock charmes, that's all.
I don't want to know how late it is.
The candle is out, no light, no time.
Darkness is the only one by my side.
I will sit here and see if someone will come to rescue me.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just to let you know

Your heart is small, tender, fragile
but filled with so much love and passion.
A tear is always ready to be spilled,
a wish always ready to be fulfilled.
Open your eyes to the world
and see you are loved and cheriched.
You are an important part of the chain of life
and certainly of mine.
Like air and warmth to the world you are to me
and it would be a pitty if you couldn't see
you accomplich your destiny.
Te iubesc, draga mea.


My friend,
How can I thank you enough, ever.
You kept me going with simple words,
sometimes spoken, sometimes written
but always true, nothing hidden.
You didn't hide reality,
you sung your rapsody.
The fact I knew you existed
didn't make me feel alone
when all good reasoning was gone.
You are that rock, that castle forever strong.
You save me when I am in need,
you don't come when I need to breath.
Understanding is your power,
you come in a tear, a laugh, a second, a flower.
My gratitude is yours as is my time and toughts.
I hope I can be a true friend,
just like you let me see how to be.
I would fulfill me and set us free.

Monday, February 2, 2009

For love

Sand is gliding through my fingers.
Here and there a grain sticks to my skin.
My nervous, wet hands shake as they hit the ground.
It's an awfull hollow sound.

Like I can't hold you,
some memories remane in my mind.
As the sand falls, your footsteps make the same sound.
The distance is messured by the heartbeats
and the cracks and the pain.

I can't controle anything.
Maybe I am searching for a key I never had.
The mind is dark, the feeling is sad.
I have to force the lock,
create a shock.

I know my heart beats in the right place,
with the right pace.
We will always be together on this world and space.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Don't fear the night!
Not even when it is so dark that it seems impossible there will be a next day.
The stars are guarding you even thou the clouds cover them.
The moon only comes to visit you
and smiles while you're searching for a dream.
It's not the howling wolf you have to fear.
He's in pain himself.
His blood floats through his heart
just like yours.
You pray to God
He howls to the moon.
The moon smiles for him too.
Don't be afraid to be afraid.
Fear guards your life.
It brings light in your mind
Sing with the wolf and make the moon your God
just for the period of a dream.

I'm back

My dears,

For all kind of reasons which i'm not going to bore with, I wasn't able to write.
Faith doesn't always let you keep your promises.
I will catch up thou.

Read you soon.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My book.

Read my heart as a book, my love.
Carry it in your collection
and cherish it as if it was the most presious.

Turn the pages of my heart, my love.
You will read your name on every page.
Memorize it, just in case.

Discover the plot of my heartbeat, my love.
Every pump spells your name.
This spelling bee you have to win.

Open my heart again, my love.
Read me, again and again.
Every time you start over there will be some more pages.
New ones, just for you, about you.

Don't try to find it, my love.
You will never find it.
I don't have goodbye as a friend.
You will never find the last page.
You will never find the end.

Monday, January 26, 2009


I won't ask you much,
just be my eyes,
so I can see the world in all it's glory.

I won't ask much,
just give me your ears,
so I can hear the silence and not worry.

I won't ask much,
just lend me your shoulders
in case I can't carry the weight of life.

I won't ask much,
just give me your heart,
to love and to be loved, to never be apart.

I won't ask much,
just give me your breath
because when I fall in a never ending sleep
and I feel your lips and body heat,
I can wake up with a love soo deep.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

In words.

Today I march in words
I battle along your side.
I can shout out injustice,
cry you a poem and rewrite.

Today a sentence is going to be our chain.
It's made of words expressing pain.
As strong as the weakest link.
Always present but gone when I blink.

Today I should write a never ending book,
guiding people where to go and look.
Where to search and find
that single ray of light.

Today I'm everybodies yours.
Out of destiny, out of choice.
I erase myself and rebuild myself in you.
reincarnating, always new.

Today I'm just one word,
which one I leave to you.

Without me.

What if I didn't exist
and the world turned without me.
Would the snow be white and winter cold?
Would my son be young and my father old?
What would be: left or left and would right be wright?
Would you be blogging on this site?
Who would you be holding tight?
But I do exist.
The world turns just the same,
not especially for me.
And in the snow I write your name, you see?
My son is beautiful, my father died,
I look left and I look right.
While on the blog,
I hold you tight.
I kiss you good night.

Friday, January 23, 2009


In the middle of the night,
with the sun high
on the other side of the world,
the silence hurts my ears.

In the dry desert,
with the poles melting in the cold
I try to make a fertile spot with my tears.

On top of a mountain,
with my zest so low,
I fly with the eagles and scream.

Standing in my shadow,
where the light is home,
I dream of a dream.

Standing in my shoes,
being who I am,
I am happy with what I have.

Looking at you,
every time like it is the first,
I feel hunger for you and thirst.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Look at my fingers.
Touch them, they are frozen.
I can't hold anything in my hand.
How do you want me to carry any weight?

Feel my arms,
there is no musscle left.
I can't lift anything.
How do you want me to be strong?

Can you see my back?
I walk crooked.
I see my future facing down.
How do you want me to see the sun?

Listen to my legs.
You can hear them tremble.
I bearly hold up my own weight.
How do you want me to keep on going?

Put your head on my chest.
My heart is allmost silent.
It used to live to beat,
now it beats to live.
It's broken.
How do you want me to give?

Look at my face.
Yes, it's called a smile.
I took that extra step, straight up,
facing the sun.
I gave it all I had left
and kept on going strong.
With my full weight,
I bumped into you, I believed
and I love again.
But more important is that I am loved
and stronger than ever.
Look at me now.
I live, I love.

Love, my dear.

My dear, let me tell you what love is all about.

When you want it, you search for it behind every corner,
every tree, every soul.
You look at everybody with an expecting expression
to see that " coup de foudre", that amazing feeling of a million butterflies tickling your belly untill your heart pops from joy.
You will jurn to belong. You will want to give yourself completely.

When you found love and your sweetheart is in your life daily,
that's when the hard work begins.
You have to cherish, protect, nurish, water and harvest it.
You have to give a lot and hope to get a little back without being upset.
You have work for a better day and listen to what love has to say.
You'll want to be close but you will need to give space.
Enjoy all of this in good time, it's not a race.

When you lose love for any kind of reason
you have to keep faith and believe in yourself.
Your heart will ask you questions you don't know the answers to
and your head is not going to let you,
rest or sleep or eat or breath.
The only thing that you are going to want is to win your love back.
Unless that was really the love that was ment to be yours,
you wil not succeed because love is tricky you see.

Somewhere there is a lonely heart looking behind every corner, tree and soul.
Somewhere an expecting expression is waiting for you and you will be called
"coup de foudre".
You will bring a millions of butterflies in someones life and make a heart pop from joy.
You will belong forever, completely.

Please forgive me.

Dear reader('s),

Those who followed my blog know that I made a promise to write at least one poem a day for the whole of 2009. Yesterday faith forced me to break that promise and although it was not my decision I would like to ask forgiveness. Earlier this month there was a day where I wrote tw poems, I will do the same today.
Thank you for understanding.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Love called agony.

My heart is filled with tears
Every drop makes place for the next.
My eyes wander off to the place where I saw you last
but your not there and I can't believe it.
I'm frozen, I'm cold and my restless mind hurts my heart.
I want to scream out my pain.
I don't want to let you go but it's all in vain.
I start to run, I search, don't find
I tremble inside and my words fool around in my mind.
Will the rest come back,
walking with you back to me hand in hand.
Shall I look back at that place one more time?
Will your grace be blessing my sight.
Don't tell me you don't remember my name,
that you errased the love I gave you.
I run again,I stumble and fall.
I kiss the ground you where walking on.
Your footsteps show me where you disappeared to
and I realize that forever I lost you.
If I was Mozart you would be Elise.
If I was Chopin you would be all the nocturnes
and music would be all we would be talking.
You're not here and I'm going insane.
Hurting loneliness pounds on my brain.
I look up one more time and a shadow of a tree
tells me the day is almost gone, like you and the sun.
Agony is my future and I go down as the moon takes the light,
like you took my hope, love and life.
Don't tell me you forgot my name.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Candles are burning a red light.
Like the heat is melting my brain.
My pores gasp for air, wide and open.
Tears are betraying my pain.

My skin is dry.
Tendernes left me for a second,
for an eternity.
I cannot recognize, I cannot see.

I'm in love and desperate.
I don't belong to lies and tears
but my soul is like an empty plate.
I have to survive and conquer my fears.

The red light died into the night.
It brought me sleep and dreams.
In that place I will hold you tight.
In that place I wil silence my screams.

A Simple Belgian Wannabe Poet.

This isn't my poem for today, only an explanation to make myself feel better about my resolution for 2009. I had a talk with Georgiana about the visitors on my blog and about, if they do or do not leave a comment. The topic was about leaving a comment and not about the comment itself, not about a good or bad review or a polite word. I would rather have nothing but bad comments than have none. It feeds the hunger to write and to write better. Georgiana told me that most visitors on my blog are Romanians and that they are a though audiance being the country of great poets and that my poetry says the truth in a simple understanding way. Nothing like Romania knows it.
I write. It's an achievment. Sometimes I write with music coming from my headphones, sometimes I write at work, quickly between two calls. Sometimes I write at 23.45 h, again quickly not to break my promise and sometimes I write, just like that, words are coming out of my pen. I just realized that none of my poems took longer than 15 minutes.
I am a simple Belgian wannabe poet trying to get better, trying to touch somebody somewhere.
Therefore, I would appreciate that you guys let me know, give me tips, teach me in a way, if you think I suck.
Signed greatfully.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sahara girl.

In the desert she was dancing
every footstep she took became an oasis
fertile and rich.

In the sand she was moving
sideways like a snake
her senses wide awake.

In her dances she made stupendous travels,
swaying on the tambourine
grace and beauty as never seen.

Her beauty contaminated the whole world,
blood and gold run over my spine,
sirocco and bedouine.

Sister to the sun,
Mother to the moon
Cold at midnight,
burning at high noon.

Dance sandcreature.
Entice every single grain.
Bite me with your poison.
Save me with your love.
Lose me in your song.
Take me where I belong.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The travels of a leaf

A leaf fell from a tree
it asked the wind - take me please
because the world I want to see.

Just floating on the air
the leaf went here, there and everywhere
when the wind rested he didn't think it was fair.

In autumn the leaf met a lot of others
laying on the ground
colored yellow, brown and a red so profound.

In winter it felt alone on the world
because the trees were bold
The ground was covered with snow
all his friend would lay below

In spring it was an amazing thing.
The trees swayed a little,the braches started to sing.
Every twig was filled with sisters and brothers
flowers blossomed, nature uncovered.

In summer it was to hot for the wind to blow
in the shadow the leaf would lay, and, so
dream where he had been and what he had seen.

Just before autumn the leaf really fell from the tree
openend its eyes and realized that a dream it would be.
It didn't try to fly on it's own
because when it was way down
the wind picked it up and asked - where do you want to go?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boy in the window.

In the evening there is a boy living in our kitchen window.
When the kitchen's dark you don't see him,
only with light he comes out slow.

He is a friendly boy, he always waves back
and he plays with the same toys as I do,
blocks or cars, no matter what I do, he does too.

Sometimes I say hello, how do you do?
I shout out to you, I see you do too.
Why can't I hear you?

I touched him once, he was so cold.
I went for a blanket but when I came back,
he unfolded one too and gave it back.

I would like he comes into my kitchen
or I cold go into the window
I'd ask him his name, I would like to know.

He's my friend, he knows me, you see.
and what is more he is always happy to see me.

Rendez vous tomorrow evening when the lights go on.
I hope you won't be gone.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pure pain

I saw suffering today.

A young heart who is so in love
was wondering why she lost
what she loves the most in the world.

The hurt and cruel stings of a broken heart
were written on her face
like a journal of pain, publicly exposed.

To love and not to be loved back
is cruel to a young heart

Her searching eyes wandered off
in the maze of loneliness.

Her heart is closed now
no one is granted acces.

Tears are constantly ready to fall
if only she would get a call.

A brave little smile proves us
just how weak her heartbeat is.

She bites her nails, she can't keep still her feet.

An sms of hope she sends to the love of her life.

Time creeps by so slowly
when you wait for an answer.

Seconds become minutes and so on....

What can I say,

I saw suffering today.

I just hope that like the Phoenix
her love will resurrect again and again.

I hope she finds the one who truly deserves her devotion
and gives her nothing but warm and loving emotions.

I saw suffering today and need to believe that it's not there to stay.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

See you soon.

I want to say goodbye.
I'll be gone for a while.
There is no need to be sad or cry.
I need to strech my wings.
See other things.
Like carnaval in Rio
or the Chinese wall.
The Taj Mahal
or the Niagara falls.
I've never been to New York
or didn't see a concert of Bjork.
Never saw Londen in the smog.
If you search me I'll be on my blog!

Thank you

If you give me your blood
You give me life, you'd be my God.

You would give me oxygen and air
You would live in me everywhere.

I would carry you everywhere you want to go
If you're excited, I would feel you flow.

You would give me a part of you
Regardless of what it does to you.

I would be able to live my life through you
feel a heartacke or feel blue.

I would be able to bleed when i'm hurt
To be ashamed or absurd

You would simply make it possible that I bleed
Therefore I want to be there when you're in need.

Bucharest - Oostende (part 2)

So as you know we arrived in Vienna and entered the beautiful city unloaded this time. We took breakfast in a tea room with special coffee and coco possibilities. The croissants and the chocolat pastries where delicious. Luca agreed. We left that place to enter a shopping street but contradictoy to what you would think it was so calm there. I mean, there were a lot of people, there some cars, but the atmosphere is calm and sereen. Georgiana was able to guide us a bit because it wasn't her first visit. We took some pictures, here and there and at the end of a long shopping street there was a little perfume shop and withourt a reason we went in. I have to tell you that when I met my snoopsy (that's how I call Georgiana) she wore a perfume that captured my mind, body and soul. It was called Miami Glow by J.LO. Ever since that day, that perfume brings back memories and butterflies in the belly. Her bottle was almost empty and it was not available in Belgium anymore. A friendly girl came to ask us if she could help and by wonder they had it in big and small format. We asked for the big one and immediately put it on snoopsy. This fact alone made our day, I now it made mine. So in a happy mood we continued our walk towards the St. Stephans Cathedral. The streets were filled with historical buildings and monuments and you could smell the music of the wals. Suddenly we came in a part of town that was very animated. Every 20 meter there was a living statue waiting for some money to move a bit and greet you. A bit further a bunch of breakdancers and beatboxers were attracting a crowd. Young and old were enjoying the show. The restaurants were sending out all kinds of smells and flavours and so we decided to eat something on a terras. Places were few but we found a spot were even Luca had a good space to be with the buggy. Georgiana ordered typical schnitzels and I ordered porkchops with a pickles sauce. Yes, I'm drouling right now. After a good meal, which was not pricy at all, we went to visit the impossing Cathedral. I have to tell you we were not alone. It always impresses me how people could build this so long ago with so much less materials and tools. We burned asome candles for love and health and prayed to God he would keep on blessing us. When we came out of the Cathedral a Chinese girl took place in the middle of the square with her piano and gave us a piano recital of one of Chopin's nocturnes. Unbelievable!!
Our walk took us to music conservatories, museums and in the smaller streets we saw a candy shop with all kind of goodies. We took some pictures, maybe I'll put them on the blog. In the meanwhile Luca slept in his buggy, ate with us, drank his bottle and as usual was a good boy. After a cup og hot coco we decided to head back to the station and make sure we were in time. We gort a little lost on the way back but it allowed us to see another beautifull part of the city and to meet two nice women who directed us back on the good road. I forgot what nationality they had but they came to live in Vienna because they were so charmed.
We had a wonderful day and some miles in the legs. Now all we needed to do was to "fight" for a good "couchette" because this time it was not possible to reserve. I will tell you about it in part 3.
Read ya soon.