Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Look at my fingers.
Touch them, they are frozen.
I can't hold anything in my hand.
How do you want me to carry any weight?

Feel my arms,
there is no musscle left.
I can't lift anything.
How do you want me to be strong?

Can you see my back?
I walk crooked.
I see my future facing down.
How do you want me to see the sun?

Listen to my legs.
You can hear them tremble.
I bearly hold up my own weight.
How do you want me to keep on going?

Put your head on my chest.
My heart is allmost silent.
It used to live to beat,
now it beats to live.
It's broken.
How do you want me to give?

Look at my face.
Yes, it's called a smile.
I took that extra step, straight up,
facing the sun.
I gave it all I had left
and kept on going strong.
With my full weight,
I bumped into you, I believed
and I love again.
But more important is that I am loved
and stronger than ever.
Look at me now.
I live, I love.

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