Tuesday, January 6, 2009

For a little boy

A little boy looks up into the night.
The moon is bright and a million stars shine.
A star wincks at him and drops a ray of light
that through the corner of his eye and then his spine
lift him up for about a mile.
-Are you hanging on a wire or is somebody holding you really tight?
And why is your belly filled with light?
-No, I'm flying, said the star and my journey goes far.
I fly on love, not gas or oil or tar.
I bring good wishes and hope to the angels above
so they have energy to send us all their love.
And every time a little boy talks to a star
and he is interested to know,
something just got beter on earth below.
I'll bring you back down now, so you can go to bed.
So you can dream about what your lucky star said.


  1. You make sure the little boy reads this when he grows up... So much love in this poem makes me picture the Heaven made of little children playing with sunrays and sleeping on their angels' flying wings...

  2. Dear dear Dilimache, thank you very much for your beautiful comments. It sure makes me want to write more. C U soon on your blog too.