Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pure pain

I saw suffering today.

A young heart who is so in love
was wondering why she lost
what she loves the most in the world.

The hurt and cruel stings of a broken heart
were written on her face
like a journal of pain, publicly exposed.

To love and not to be loved back
is cruel to a young heart

Her searching eyes wandered off
in the maze of loneliness.

Her heart is closed now
no one is granted acces.

Tears are constantly ready to fall
if only she would get a call.

A brave little smile proves us
just how weak her heartbeat is.

She bites her nails, she can't keep still her feet.

An sms of hope she sends to the love of her life.

Time creeps by so slowly
when you wait for an answer.

Seconds become minutes and so on....

What can I say,

I saw suffering today.

I just hope that like the Phoenix
her love will resurrect again and again.

I hope she finds the one who truly deserves her devotion
and gives her nothing but warm and loving emotions.

I saw suffering today and need to believe that it's not there to stay.


  1. Baby love, I think it is so wonderful that you wrote a poem for her! I thank you in her name! Nobody has a heart like yours, baby! You are unique, you are my mollek!I love you baby, te iubesc, ik hou van jou!

  2. Snoopsytje toch, je maakt me shy. Love you to baby.

  3. nice, very nice.
    i've just started to read your poems. lovely.
    keep up the good work!

  4. hello sunset. the one for whom he wrote the poem is the daughter of his sister. She just came out from a relationship, after she ended her first relationship last summer (I guess), and which was a total desaster. The girl is 15, but very serious in love matters. It broke our hearts to see the pain imprinted on her face, in her eyes, just everywhere!So, I am so proud of Pascal for writing this poem for her!

  5. Thank you Little Miss. Your support is dear to me.

  6. it hurts to see a young girl crying, no matter what the reason is.
    you can only hope, than one day, after all these tears, someone good enough will make her laugh.

  7. 15 love you can never forget. I do know that she will find the trust to love again, yet the hurt remains. Sad. I know you wrote this knowing all her story and that makes the poem more powerful. Nicely done...