Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What to expect!

I was talking to my Snoopsy (that's what I call my wiffy) about putting on the blog some poems I wrote especially for her. I'm happy she agreed and she will make a selection she wants to share. So, some reading material coming soon and you will find it under "Poems for Snoopsy".
Read ya soon!


  1. Bueautiful... but shouldn't we feel like intruders? Or we'd better be the silent audience in ur souls' theater...? Bless you two!

  2. Our love is very special one. Really! We had to fight for it and know we can take a stormy day. So we don't mind that other people know about us. The nicest compliment we got is, "if we see what you had to go through to be where you are today, we believe in love and go for it too."
    Hope you like the next poem.