Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just some nice lines out of real life.

p:Please don't loose your smile!
g:But I was just smiling at you!
p: It must have been a tiny smile then.
g:Maybe there was not enough light.

Conclusion: Please, let there be more light!
Love you.

Just because of you.

The sun gatters the remains of the days to travel East.
My eyes are to slow tonight, I can't follow.
But in my heart I'm there.
My spine is discovering goosebumps
my thoughts travel further than ever before.
I meet a thousand horisons
but never catch the sun.
The wind wispers I Love You
and in the clouds I meet your eyes.
Now I remember why my heart skips a beat sometimes.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thanks Henry

If you were a tear living in my eye
I would never cry out of fear to loose you.
And if the wind would create you
out of jalousy
and make you run down my cheek
I would catch you with my tongue
never to forget your taste.