Friday, September 25, 2009

Playing in the rain

Three little children play in the park.
A skipping rope makes them jump.

A little drop in the sea evaporates,
sadly, leaving the rest behind.

The children sing a song untill dark.
Their hearts don't know how to hurt.

The drop clings on to a clowd
and turns from white in to grey,
no time to play.

The children feel a chill on their spine.
A clowd stole the sun,
it was yours and mine.

The drop went higher and higher.
Out of fear it starts to cry.
It doesn't want to fall,
it might die.

Three little children run home.
The first rain drops warned them for more.
A tree will do for now.
The park doesn't look like the minute before.

The little drop is tired and has to let go.
A long fall next to soulmates takes them
where faith wants them to go.

The children look at a puddle on the ground.
The drops are save and saund.
The puddle gets to big
and the drops float to the creek.

The little drop survived the fall
and wants to forget about it all.
In the creek he can recover because he feels week.

Three little children walk home after the rain.
They played, they didn't fall, they had no pain.

The litlle drop is carried by the creek to sea.
The only place he really wants to be.
Like home to the children, you and me.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Waltzing Georgi

I imagine you wearing a long white dress.
With hoops at the bottom
and the higher, the less.
Your hair like on our wedding day,
on your shoulders a vail, for the wind to play.
Alicia doesn't sing today.
On the piano there is this waltz she plays.
And we dance in circles and sway and sway and sway.
The moon shines tonight and the stars took over your eyes.
And me, I am every note you hear.
I hope you like the melody of my heart.
Just one thing more:
Our love is like a waltz,
like circles, it goes on and on.


Take me river
float with me to the sea.
Show me your curves
and bend towards me to get closer.
Let me conquer the mountains
that walk with you
and the valley that you make fertile.
Embrace me
and errase my sins
with your water.
In the night cold,
in the day hotter.
Keep my toughts fresh and plenty.
Fill my heart, don't leave me empty.
Take me river, my love is a boat,
wherever you want, I will float.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I send to Georgi and Dili. Try it.

Life or Death? Death. I have to much to live for.

Burning or Freezing? Burning. I saw in Ice Age that if you freeze to death, you come to life again when you melt!

Laughing or Crying? Crying. Equals pain unless you cry because you laugh to much.

Going or Coming back? Going. I love a great come back.

God or the Devil? God. Doesn't need an explanation.

Loving or Being Loved? Being loved. Fear of disapointing.

Hate or Being Hated? Being hated. Same as being loved.

Creation or Destruction? Destruction. Too many beautiful things on the world.

Spiders or Snakes? Neither, but I wouldn't put a snake around my neck.

Mother oir Father? Neither. My father seemed tougher.

Depths or Hights? Depths. It's more difficult to climb back up than to fall back down.