Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My book.

Read my heart as a book, my love.
Carry it in your collection
and cherish it as if it was the most presious.

Turn the pages of my heart, my love.
You will read your name on every page.
Memorize it, just in case.

Discover the plot of my heartbeat, my love.
Every pump spells your name.
This spelling bee you have to win.

Open my heart again, my love.
Read me, again and again.
Every time you start over there will be some more pages.
New ones, just for you, about you.

Don't try to find it, my love.
You will never find it.
I don't have goodbye as a friend.
You will never find the last page.
You will never find the end.

Monday, January 26, 2009


I won't ask you much,
just be my eyes,
so I can see the world in all it's glory.

I won't ask much,
just give me your ears,
so I can hear the silence and not worry.

I won't ask much,
just lend me your shoulders
in case I can't carry the weight of life.

I won't ask much,
just give me your heart,
to love and to be loved, to never be apart.

I won't ask much,
just give me your breath
because when I fall in a never ending sleep
and I feel your lips and body heat,
I can wake up with a love soo deep.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

In words.

Today I march in words
I battle along your side.
I can shout out injustice,
cry you a poem and rewrite.

Today a sentence is going to be our chain.
It's made of words expressing pain.
As strong as the weakest link.
Always present but gone when I blink.

Today I should write a never ending book,
guiding people where to go and look.
Where to search and find
that single ray of light.

Today I'm everybodies yours.
Out of destiny, out of choice.
I erase myself and rebuild myself in you.
reincarnating, always new.

Today I'm just one word,
which one I leave to you.

Without me.

What if I didn't exist
and the world turned without me.
Would the snow be white and winter cold?
Would my son be young and my father old?
What would be: left or left and would right be wright?
Would you be blogging on this site?
Who would you be holding tight?
But I do exist.
The world turns just the same,
not especially for me.
And in the snow I write your name, you see?
My son is beautiful, my father died,
I look left and I look right.
While on the blog,
I hold you tight.
I kiss you good night.

Friday, January 23, 2009


In the middle of the night,
with the sun high
on the other side of the world,
the silence hurts my ears.

In the dry desert,
with the poles melting in the cold
I try to make a fertile spot with my tears.

On top of a mountain,
with my zest so low,
I fly with the eagles and scream.

Standing in my shadow,
where the light is home,
I dream of a dream.

Standing in my shoes,
being who I am,
I am happy with what I have.

Looking at you,
every time like it is the first,
I feel hunger for you and thirst.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Look at my fingers.
Touch them, they are frozen.
I can't hold anything in my hand.
How do you want me to carry any weight?

Feel my arms,
there is no musscle left.
I can't lift anything.
How do you want me to be strong?

Can you see my back?
I walk crooked.
I see my future facing down.
How do you want me to see the sun?

Listen to my legs.
You can hear them tremble.
I bearly hold up my own weight.
How do you want me to keep on going?

Put your head on my chest.
My heart is allmost silent.
It used to live to beat,
now it beats to live.
It's broken.
How do you want me to give?

Look at my face.
Yes, it's called a smile.
I took that extra step, straight up,
facing the sun.
I gave it all I had left
and kept on going strong.
With my full weight,
I bumped into you, I believed
and I love again.
But more important is that I am loved
and stronger than ever.
Look at me now.
I live, I love.

Love, my dear.

My dear, let me tell you what love is all about.

When you want it, you search for it behind every corner,
every tree, every soul.
You look at everybody with an expecting expression
to see that " coup de foudre", that amazing feeling of a million butterflies tickling your belly untill your heart pops from joy.
You will jurn to belong. You will want to give yourself completely.

When you found love and your sweetheart is in your life daily,
that's when the hard work begins.
You have to cherish, protect, nurish, water and harvest it.
You have to give a lot and hope to get a little back without being upset.
You have work for a better day and listen to what love has to say.
You'll want to be close but you will need to give space.
Enjoy all of this in good time, it's not a race.

When you lose love for any kind of reason
you have to keep faith and believe in yourself.
Your heart will ask you questions you don't know the answers to
and your head is not going to let you,
rest or sleep or eat or breath.
The only thing that you are going to want is to win your love back.
Unless that was really the love that was ment to be yours,
you wil not succeed because love is tricky you see.

Somewhere there is a lonely heart looking behind every corner, tree and soul.
Somewhere an expecting expression is waiting for you and you will be called
"coup de foudre".
You will bring a millions of butterflies in someones life and make a heart pop from joy.
You will belong forever, completely.

Please forgive me.

Dear reader('s),

Those who followed my blog know that I made a promise to write at least one poem a day for the whole of 2009. Yesterday faith forced me to break that promise and although it was not my decision I would like to ask forgiveness. Earlier this month there was a day where I wrote tw poems, I will do the same today.
Thank you for understanding.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Love called agony.

My heart is filled with tears
Every drop makes place for the next.
My eyes wander off to the place where I saw you last
but your not there and I can't believe it.
I'm frozen, I'm cold and my restless mind hurts my heart.
I want to scream out my pain.
I don't want to let you go but it's all in vain.
I start to run, I search, don't find
I tremble inside and my words fool around in my mind.
Will the rest come back,
walking with you back to me hand in hand.
Shall I look back at that place one more time?
Will your grace be blessing my sight.
Don't tell me you don't remember my name,
that you errased the love I gave you.
I run again,I stumble and fall.
I kiss the ground you where walking on.
Your footsteps show me where you disappeared to
and I realize that forever I lost you.
If I was Mozart you would be Elise.
If I was Chopin you would be all the nocturnes
and music would be all we would be talking.
You're not here and I'm going insane.
Hurting loneliness pounds on my brain.
I look up one more time and a shadow of a tree
tells me the day is almost gone, like you and the sun.
Agony is my future and I go down as the moon takes the light,
like you took my hope, love and life.
Don't tell me you forgot my name.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Candles are burning a red light.
Like the heat is melting my brain.
My pores gasp for air, wide and open.
Tears are betraying my pain.

My skin is dry.
Tendernes left me for a second,
for an eternity.
I cannot recognize, I cannot see.

I'm in love and desperate.
I don't belong to lies and tears
but my soul is like an empty plate.
I have to survive and conquer my fears.

The red light died into the night.
It brought me sleep and dreams.
In that place I will hold you tight.
In that place I wil silence my screams.

A Simple Belgian Wannabe Poet.

This isn't my poem for today, only an explanation to make myself feel better about my resolution for 2009. I had a talk with Georgiana about the visitors on my blog and about, if they do or do not leave a comment. The topic was about leaving a comment and not about the comment itself, not about a good or bad review or a polite word. I would rather have nothing but bad comments than have none. It feeds the hunger to write and to write better. Georgiana told me that most visitors on my blog are Romanians and that they are a though audiance being the country of great poets and that my poetry says the truth in a simple understanding way. Nothing like Romania knows it.
I write. It's an achievment. Sometimes I write with music coming from my headphones, sometimes I write at work, quickly between two calls. Sometimes I write at 23.45 h, again quickly not to break my promise and sometimes I write, just like that, words are coming out of my pen. I just realized that none of my poems took longer than 15 minutes.
I am a simple Belgian wannabe poet trying to get better, trying to touch somebody somewhere.
Therefore, I would appreciate that you guys let me know, give me tips, teach me in a way, if you think I suck.
Signed greatfully.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sahara girl.

In the desert she was dancing
every footstep she took became an oasis
fertile and rich.

In the sand she was moving
sideways like a snake
her senses wide awake.

In her dances she made stupendous travels,
swaying on the tambourine
grace and beauty as never seen.

Her beauty contaminated the whole world,
blood and gold run over my spine,
sirocco and bedouine.

Sister to the sun,
Mother to the moon
Cold at midnight,
burning at high noon.

Dance sandcreature.
Entice every single grain.
Bite me with your poison.
Save me with your love.
Lose me in your song.
Take me where I belong.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The travels of a leaf

A leaf fell from a tree
it asked the wind - take me please
because the world I want to see.

Just floating on the air
the leaf went here, there and everywhere
when the wind rested he didn't think it was fair.

In autumn the leaf met a lot of others
laying on the ground
colored yellow, brown and a red so profound.

In winter it felt alone on the world
because the trees were bold
The ground was covered with snow
all his friend would lay below

In spring it was an amazing thing.
The trees swayed a little,the braches started to sing.
Every twig was filled with sisters and brothers
flowers blossomed, nature uncovered.

In summer it was to hot for the wind to blow
in the shadow the leaf would lay, and, so
dream where he had been and what he had seen.

Just before autumn the leaf really fell from the tree
openend its eyes and realized that a dream it would be.
It didn't try to fly on it's own
because when it was way down
the wind picked it up and asked - where do you want to go?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boy in the window.

In the evening there is a boy living in our kitchen window.
When the kitchen's dark you don't see him,
only with light he comes out slow.

He is a friendly boy, he always waves back
and he plays with the same toys as I do,
blocks or cars, no matter what I do, he does too.

Sometimes I say hello, how do you do?
I shout out to you, I see you do too.
Why can't I hear you?

I touched him once, he was so cold.
I went for a blanket but when I came back,
he unfolded one too and gave it back.

I would like he comes into my kitchen
or I cold go into the window
I'd ask him his name, I would like to know.

He's my friend, he knows me, you see.
and what is more he is always happy to see me.

Rendez vous tomorrow evening when the lights go on.
I hope you won't be gone.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pure pain

I saw suffering today.

A young heart who is so in love
was wondering why she lost
what she loves the most in the world.

The hurt and cruel stings of a broken heart
were written on her face
like a journal of pain, publicly exposed.

To love and not to be loved back
is cruel to a young heart

Her searching eyes wandered off
in the maze of loneliness.

Her heart is closed now
no one is granted acces.

Tears are constantly ready to fall
if only she would get a call.

A brave little smile proves us
just how weak her heartbeat is.

She bites her nails, she can't keep still her feet.

An sms of hope she sends to the love of her life.

Time creeps by so slowly
when you wait for an answer.

Seconds become minutes and so on....

What can I say,

I saw suffering today.

I just hope that like the Phoenix
her love will resurrect again and again.

I hope she finds the one who truly deserves her devotion
and gives her nothing but warm and loving emotions.

I saw suffering today and need to believe that it's not there to stay.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

See you soon.

I want to say goodbye.
I'll be gone for a while.
There is no need to be sad or cry.
I need to strech my wings.
See other things.
Like carnaval in Rio
or the Chinese wall.
The Taj Mahal
or the Niagara falls.
I've never been to New York
or didn't see a concert of Bjork.
Never saw Londen in the smog.
If you search me I'll be on my blog!

Thank you

If you give me your blood
You give me life, you'd be my God.

You would give me oxygen and air
You would live in me everywhere.

I would carry you everywhere you want to go
If you're excited, I would feel you flow.

You would give me a part of you
Regardless of what it does to you.

I would be able to live my life through you
feel a heartacke or feel blue.

I would be able to bleed when i'm hurt
To be ashamed or absurd

You would simply make it possible that I bleed
Therefore I want to be there when you're in need.

Bucharest - Oostende (part 2)

So as you know we arrived in Vienna and entered the beautiful city unloaded this time. We took breakfast in a tea room with special coffee and coco possibilities. The croissants and the chocolat pastries where delicious. Luca agreed. We left that place to enter a shopping street but contradictoy to what you would think it was so calm there. I mean, there were a lot of people, there some cars, but the atmosphere is calm and sereen. Georgiana was able to guide us a bit because it wasn't her first visit. We took some pictures, here and there and at the end of a long shopping street there was a little perfume shop and withourt a reason we went in. I have to tell you that when I met my snoopsy (that's how I call Georgiana) she wore a perfume that captured my mind, body and soul. It was called Miami Glow by J.LO. Ever since that day, that perfume brings back memories and butterflies in the belly. Her bottle was almost empty and it was not available in Belgium anymore. A friendly girl came to ask us if she could help and by wonder they had it in big and small format. We asked for the big one and immediately put it on snoopsy. This fact alone made our day, I now it made mine. So in a happy mood we continued our walk towards the St. Stephans Cathedral. The streets were filled with historical buildings and monuments and you could smell the music of the wals. Suddenly we came in a part of town that was very animated. Every 20 meter there was a living statue waiting for some money to move a bit and greet you. A bit further a bunch of breakdancers and beatboxers were attracting a crowd. Young and old were enjoying the show. The restaurants were sending out all kinds of smells and flavours and so we decided to eat something on a terras. Places were few but we found a spot were even Luca had a good space to be with the buggy. Georgiana ordered typical schnitzels and I ordered porkchops with a pickles sauce. Yes, I'm drouling right now. After a good meal, which was not pricy at all, we went to visit the impossing Cathedral. I have to tell you we were not alone. It always impresses me how people could build this so long ago with so much less materials and tools. We burned asome candles for love and health and prayed to God he would keep on blessing us. When we came out of the Cathedral a Chinese girl took place in the middle of the square with her piano and gave us a piano recital of one of Chopin's nocturnes. Unbelievable!!
Our walk took us to music conservatories, museums and in the smaller streets we saw a candy shop with all kind of goodies. We took some pictures, maybe I'll put them on the blog. In the meanwhile Luca slept in his buggy, ate with us, drank his bottle and as usual was a good boy. After a cup og hot coco we decided to head back to the station and make sure we were in time. We gort a little lost on the way back but it allowed us to see another beautifull part of the city and to meet two nice women who directed us back on the good road. I forgot what nationality they had but they came to live in Vienna because they were so charmed.
We had a wonderful day and some miles in the legs. Now all we needed to do was to "fight" for a good "couchette" because this time it was not possible to reserve. I will tell you about it in part 3.
Read ya soon.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Your not from here

This is a very beautiful and sensitive song by one of my favorite singers, Lara Fabian. I'm proud to say she's Belgian. Enjoy your goosebumps.


Sadness is the biggest hurt of all.
Madness makes you shater your ideas
and your mind will fall.

Sadness makes all light go away.
Madness temps you to break every bulb
but in the light you will stay.

Sadness makes you lose your reasoning.
Madness blows your heart up
without a good reason.

Sadness builds walls in your head.
Madness is plainly distructif
but brings walls down instead.

Sadness is cruel.
A bitter string of tears.

Madness is welcome to kill my sadness fears.

Bucharest-Oostende (part 1)

For reasons I can't reveal right now my little family needed to take the train from Bucarest-Romania to Oostende-Belgium. Georgiana, Luca and me and loaded with 4 suitecases, a travelling bed and a buggy, entered the station of Bucharest at 16.50 in search of line 5. That line was still empty. The train was expected to leave at 17.10 and did arrive yet. It gave us some time to spend our Romanian coins and make a little stock of drinks and snacks. My wiffy was very excited about this trip and this for several reasons: she loves to travel by train - she loves the night train (wich this was - we were heading for the first stop on our trip, Vienna. Yes, we should arrive in Vienna around 09.00 were we have to spend the day untill 18.00 to take our next night train to Köln but that's another episode of this story. In the meanwhile our train arrived and we could go in search of our sleeping compartment wich we reserved the day before. I was a little concerned about Luca who was about 5 month old at the time. I didn't know how he would be able to sleep on the train especially that he had to stay in the buggy. When we entered our compartment I saw that there was space to put the buggy in between the beds and that we would be able to have a decent rest ourselves. The beds where clean and big enough. We strapped our lugagge and made ourselves comfortable for the trip. I started to wonder about the view going through Romania, Hungaria and Austria and about the border controles during the night. Will they wake up Luca? How will we warm his bottle, etc. The train took off, the sun was still shining and once we where out of Bucarest the view was great. Luca didn't seem to mind. He enjoyed the rocking and the sound of the train. We had some improvised dinner but the location and the company made it romantic as well as adventurous. Georgiana told me about former trips she made by train, people she met, places she went and I felt stupid and lucky in the same time because I didn't go anywhere yet and now I was shown the world in a complet other way that I would ever have tought.
We put Luca's buggy in sleeping position and soon he was dreaming. The night slowly took the place of the day and by the time we would be at the border with Hungaria it would be dark.
We decided to turn in early taking account of the fact that we would be awake a few times during the night and to be fresh for our day in Vienna. Soon we where at the border. I don't remember the name of the town and I would't be able to write it anyway. We heard the borderpatrol, Romanian side, entering the wagon and knocking everybodie's door. I quickly opened ours before he knocked and presented them our passports. They never saw before the Belgian passport we had for Luca, mumbled something, checked if Luca was looking like his picture and gave us our passports back. About 15 minutes later the same ritual happened with the Hungarian border patrol. Luca didn't wake up. He was warm and cosy and didn't care. Mom and dad would take care of it. Normally, I wouldn't have told you that the same thing happened at the border with Austria, o, both sides, if it wasn't for something I witnessed that I found very funny. The other officers where of a normal hight and when they where checking the airshafts above the compartments to see if there were no clandestine passengers they needed a ladder but not in Austria! They had a guy of more than 2 m tall who had to bend to be able to walk in the train and who opened the shaft just like that to look inside of them standing straight.
Anyway, we had another three hours to go before arriving in Vienna so we decided to try and sleep. Luca still didn't wake up so we were very pleased. I didn't sleep to much and way before the speaker announced our arrival in Vienna we where prepared. Luca was feeling great after a good night of sleep. The restaurant compartment warmed up his bottle for us so his little belly was happy to. My wiffy got of the train with a smile on her face. I think she's secretly in love with Vienna. We stocked our lugagge in storing space of the station and walked into the impressive and majestic streets of Austria's capital in search of breakfast. The rest you will or will not read tomorrow. Read ya then!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Time runs by.
The older I get the faster.
I look in the mirror
the lines on my face predict a disaster.
No use to run and try to catch up
even a year of my life just burns up.
While thinking about what I did to fill my life, my kid, my wife
precious seconds fall through my hands like sand.
So I don't try to understand, I don't chase the rabbit from wonderland.
And suddenly I know, I hope it's not a crime,
I try to converte time in rhyme.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lonely old man

He's old.
His days creep forward, annoying and slow.
Nothing is as he was told.
Everything to high or to low.
He sees the world as a blury bubble
and it takes so long before they reach him.
He's a prisoner within.
He doesn't understand them or himself.

A glass of water shakes in his hand.
Why his shirt is wet all the time he doesn't understand.
He's alone, his loved ones are gone
Every sound is confusing.
A painful explosion
but it hurt even more when he hears nothing at all.
His senses fade away.
Another - I sit in my chair - day
Let me be, let me out
He wants to cry
He wants to....

Friday, January 9, 2009

No words

There are no words.
No phrase is good enough.
My vocabulary is much to poor
to express what I witnessed today.
The world was white
the sky bright.
The sun reflected in the frozen water
and showed us all existing shades of purple and orange.
The moon came to take over and gattered light here and there
to reign during the night.
We focused through our eyes and lens
and stole the best moments
to be able show everyone
because there are no words.
Only a picture.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fly with the wind

It's raining, the drops knock on my door.
Suddenly, the wind sings a song to me
elevating me with the leaves of the swaying trees.
It's a picture of a land far away,
where day is night and night is day.
It's a chase for lost time and a craving for smells and tastes;
a testamony of good will signed with drops of water so still.
Fill me up, make me snow!
so I can fall where otherwise I could never go.
Let me love every single inch of you!
where there's a wall I want to break through,
where ther's nothing I want to build you.
The wind silenced itself and the song-I could here no more!
But nothing was like before.


Enchante me.
Let me taste your spell again.
You cast it in such a sensual way,
that I didn't even realise I would be at your mercy for ever.
Like a siren sings to a sailor,
I was attracted by the calling of your lips.
Withot a chance,
your magnet skin forced me to come closer.
If you want it, and only if you want it,
I will be unhooked.
Because now I am a junky for your sweet, velvet kisses
that inject desire and lust in my blood.
A warm rush
It's the secret map to ecstacy.
The biggest taste pallet ever!
Enchante me, hook me up!
One last time!
I'm perfectly in controle!
I can stop whenever I want,
But I don't want to!
Kiss me, I'm your slave.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rach3 by Rach

I discovered this music by looking at "Shine", an Oscar winning movie about the life of David Helfgott, a young piano prodigy. I won't tell you more, you really have to see this for yourself.

Enjoy both film and music.

Ode to a flower

In trance and upside down,
I was fighting to break free
Because in a green-yellow field,
My destiny was awaiting me.

I felt I had to go and learn to fly
I knew I was beautiful, but felt ugly. Why!?
A transformation to make me excel above the rest
Wings of bright colours and heavenly lightness.

I could over see the world,
And recognize it's beauty!
A flower with honey so sweet
Appealing and attracting me.

My wings made waves of love in the air
And supported me untill in her eyes I could stare.
On her petals I felt safe
She could easily make me her slave.

I whispered that I would love her as long as I lived
We both knew I had only few days to give!
I told her that for her I learnt to fly
The wind made her sway, I made her shy.

We were together in moments so intense and sweet,
I fell down and died at her feet.
But my life had been so complete,
To know your love and destiny
And the reason for your heart to beat!

What to expect!

I was talking to my Snoopsy (that's what I call my wiffy) about putting on the blog some poems I wrote especially for her. I'm happy she agreed and she will make a selection she wants to share. So, some reading material coming soon and you will find it under "Poems for Snoopsy".
Read ya soon!

Dad vs Man

I was thinking about what it means to be a father.
I was thinking about what it means when your child comes to take your hand
and asks for help or to understand.
I was thinking about how to take the pain away
and really be there every day.
I was thinking if it was good to show your own emotions
and live, his or her live, full of devotion.
I was thinking what people think about me
and other men especially
But you know all of those questions don't matter
when you hold that little hand and a smile appears
when you put a bandage that end the tears
when you cry together or laugh or jump
when you're so proud and adrenaline makes your heart pump
and I think you have to show your emotions, I hope they can, to be a real man.

Temple of Love

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

For a little boy

A little boy looks up into the night.
The moon is bright and a million stars shine.
A star wincks at him and drops a ray of light
that through the corner of his eye and then his spine
lift him up for about a mile.
-Are you hanging on a wire or is somebody holding you really tight?
And why is your belly filled with light?
-No, I'm flying, said the star and my journey goes far.
I fly on love, not gas or oil or tar.
I bring good wishes and hope to the angels above
so they have energy to send us all their love.
And every time a little boy talks to a star
and he is interested to know,
something just got beter on earth below.
I'll bring you back down now, so you can go to bed.
So you can dream about what your lucky star said.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Waiting for a phonecall

My fingers are taping the side of my lazy chair.
Nervously, without a rythme or pace.
Thousand times in a minute my eye searches for the phone
hoping the screen would light up and ring.
The balance in my brain tends to choose for my dark side:
She won't call, why would she?
I close my eyes and try to imagine her smile
but I quickly open them again because
I'm afraid that not seeing is going to lead to deafness,
deafness to loss of contact, loss of contact to life long grief
and life long grief to a life of meaningless days, unfulfilled ones.
My wet hands are cold and I take a sip of water to clear my throat.
As I feel the water running down in my hurting chest
I hear a wonderful sound.
A ring that means that the angels are calling.
Swiftly I jump up and press the green phonebutton
and the pretender in me says in a cool voice: hello.
I hear the voice that I was longing for,
and pretend I wasn't waiting for a phone call.
My pulse goes up thou, and only when I hear: Te iubesc, my heart can rest.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Killing Moon

Darkness creeps over the land
and the stars come out of their hiding place
one by one

My mind is filled with your scent
and my heart pumps my blood in a racing speed
faster and faster

I feel everybody is looking at me
and I look back to each and everyone of them
searching not finding

The moon, the killing moon, mocks me again
giving me hope on a cold lonely night
making me think I will hold you tight
taste your lips, explore the world that's in your eyes
hold your hand in mine, see you smile and shine,
even over the light of the moon, the killing moon.

I fought in vain the cold and irony tonight,
but I'll be back every single night
hoping to see you soon
and kill the killing moon.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Man, I forgot!



8 a.m. The blinds are shut and as I open them a vale of mist reveals itself.
Icecrystals hang on the trees and the grass exchanged green for white.
Every little leave has a silver crown while hanging slightly down.
Winter passed by during the night and left a signature white and bright.
The fog is the guardian of the coldness in the air
preventing the sun to fix or repare.
But as soon a single ray of light broke through and touched the earth
it spread like waves in the water do.
All the colors of the world came back and banished white.
It only lasted untill 8 p.m tonight.

Friday, January 2, 2009


I come in 2,
like in love,
me and you.

I come in 2,
in seconds, minutes, centuries,
but I run to you.

I come in 2
my senses after a brainhurricane,
when you tell me i'm cuckoo,
because my reason's you.

I come in 2,
body and soul,
ears, eyes and lips too,
but I come with one heart,
and it's for you.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Write

From today on I expose myself to the world
I uncover my heart and soul
and hope I won't get hurt
But I feel free know
and open and light
A little scared thou
not to be liked

From today on I will grow throu knowledge and friends
who honestly will tell me good and bad
I will swollow my pride and accept
A little happy thou
because I like it.

From today on I write.


No, I'm not gonna talk about football or soccer. It's just a way of aiming at that white line that I wanna cross and reach my goal. The purpose of my blog is to write, every day, a new poem, to get comments and reactions, to read other works and (oh yes!) to learn!