Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Simple Belgian Wannabe Poet.

This isn't my poem for today, only an explanation to make myself feel better about my resolution for 2009. I had a talk with Georgiana about the visitors on my blog and about, if they do or do not leave a comment. The topic was about leaving a comment and not about the comment itself, not about a good or bad review or a polite word. I would rather have nothing but bad comments than have none. It feeds the hunger to write and to write better. Georgiana told me that most visitors on my blog are Romanians and that they are a though audiance being the country of great poets and that my poetry says the truth in a simple understanding way. Nothing like Romania knows it.
I write. It's an achievment. Sometimes I write with music coming from my headphones, sometimes I write at work, quickly between two calls. Sometimes I write at 23.45 h, again quickly not to break my promise and sometimes I write, just like that, words are coming out of my pen. I just realized that none of my poems took longer than 15 minutes.
I am a simple Belgian wannabe poet trying to get better, trying to touch somebody somewhere.
Therefore, I would appreciate that you guys let me know, give me tips, teach me in a way, if you think I suck.
Signed greatfully.

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  1. Hi there.. well I will surely tell you when I think you suck lol, but I can;t bet this will happen too soon - because I love reading poems and guessing what was the fact that determined you to write. So I couldn't say a poem is bad when I surely feel something reading it. And your poems make me feel sadness or beauty, but mostly your love for your snoopsy. So continue trying to describe your or others' souls and I can assure you that you;re doing it so nicely and gently.
    Thank you for opening your heart cause I surely love the result and please tell us where we can find the definition of a "good poem" :-)