Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Love, my dear.

My dear, let me tell you what love is all about.

When you want it, you search for it behind every corner,
every tree, every soul.
You look at everybody with an expecting expression
to see that " coup de foudre", that amazing feeling of a million butterflies tickling your belly untill your heart pops from joy.
You will jurn to belong. You will want to give yourself completely.

When you found love and your sweetheart is in your life daily,
that's when the hard work begins.
You have to cherish, protect, nurish, water and harvest it.
You have to give a lot and hope to get a little back without being upset.
You have work for a better day and listen to what love has to say.
You'll want to be close but you will need to give space.
Enjoy all of this in good time, it's not a race.

When you lose love for any kind of reason
you have to keep faith and believe in yourself.
Your heart will ask you questions you don't know the answers to
and your head is not going to let you,
rest or sleep or eat or breath.
The only thing that you are going to want is to win your love back.
Unless that was really the love that was ment to be yours,
you wil not succeed because love is tricky you see.

Somewhere there is a lonely heart looking behind every corner, tree and soul.
Somewhere an expecting expression is waiting for you and you will be called
"coup de foudre".
You will bring a millions of butterflies in someones life and make a heart pop from joy.
You will belong forever, completely.

1 comment:

  1. The older you grow. the better you understand love, but only if you're lucky. I hope with all my heart that this heart who lost her love will have the wisdom to read this poem and think very much about every word of it... and she will surely understand that her soulmate is looking for her too, there or on the other side of the Earth.
    Very nice poem, cause I know it's been written from all your soul...