Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bucharest - Oostende (part 2)

So as you know we arrived in Vienna and entered the beautiful city unloaded this time. We took breakfast in a tea room with special coffee and coco possibilities. The croissants and the chocolat pastries where delicious. Luca agreed. We left that place to enter a shopping street but contradictoy to what you would think it was so calm there. I mean, there were a lot of people, there some cars, but the atmosphere is calm and sereen. Georgiana was able to guide us a bit because it wasn't her first visit. We took some pictures, here and there and at the end of a long shopping street there was a little perfume shop and withourt a reason we went in. I have to tell you that when I met my snoopsy (that's how I call Georgiana) she wore a perfume that captured my mind, body and soul. It was called Miami Glow by J.LO. Ever since that day, that perfume brings back memories and butterflies in the belly. Her bottle was almost empty and it was not available in Belgium anymore. A friendly girl came to ask us if she could help and by wonder they had it in big and small format. We asked for the big one and immediately put it on snoopsy. This fact alone made our day, I now it made mine. So in a happy mood we continued our walk towards the St. Stephans Cathedral. The streets were filled with historical buildings and monuments and you could smell the music of the wals. Suddenly we came in a part of town that was very animated. Every 20 meter there was a living statue waiting for some money to move a bit and greet you. A bit further a bunch of breakdancers and beatboxers were attracting a crowd. Young and old were enjoying the show. The restaurants were sending out all kinds of smells and flavours and so we decided to eat something on a terras. Places were few but we found a spot were even Luca had a good space to be with the buggy. Georgiana ordered typical schnitzels and I ordered porkchops with a pickles sauce. Yes, I'm drouling right now. After a good meal, which was not pricy at all, we went to visit the impossing Cathedral. I have to tell you we were not alone. It always impresses me how people could build this so long ago with so much less materials and tools. We burned asome candles for love and health and prayed to God he would keep on blessing us. When we came out of the Cathedral a Chinese girl took place in the middle of the square with her piano and gave us a piano recital of one of Chopin's nocturnes. Unbelievable!!
Our walk took us to music conservatories, museums and in the smaller streets we saw a candy shop with all kind of goodies. We took some pictures, maybe I'll put them on the blog. In the meanwhile Luca slept in his buggy, ate with us, drank his bottle and as usual was a good boy. After a cup og hot coco we decided to head back to the station and make sure we were in time. We gort a little lost on the way back but it allowed us to see another beautifull part of the city and to meet two nice women who directed us back on the good road. I forgot what nationality they had but they came to live in Vienna because they were so charmed.
We had a wonderful day and some miles in the legs. Now all we needed to do was to "fight" for a good "couchette" because this time it was not possible to reserve. I will tell you about it in part 3.
Read ya soon.

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  1. Now I can only hope I'll also have the privilege of being charmed by Chopin in Vienna.... wonderful! Thanks!