Thursday, January 8, 2009


Enchante me.
Let me taste your spell again.
You cast it in such a sensual way,
that I didn't even realise I would be at your mercy for ever.
Like a siren sings to a sailor,
I was attracted by the calling of your lips.
Withot a chance,
your magnet skin forced me to come closer.
If you want it, and only if you want it,
I will be unhooked.
Because now I am a junky for your sweet, velvet kisses
that inject desire and lust in my blood.
A warm rush
It's the secret map to ecstacy.
The biggest taste pallet ever!
Enchante me, hook me up!
One last time!
I'm perfectly in controle!
I can stop whenever I want,
But I don't want to!
Kiss me, I'm your slave.

1 comment:

  1. That game of pulling and pushing away pleasure or sin - makes us all the slaves of our halves... sweet!