Thursday, May 21, 2009

Speed your love to me!

It was lonely in the car this morning.
The sun was rising slowly behind me
and the morning mist rested tired over the fields.
I talked briefly to my love when I woke up
something that doesn't happen often when I have to work.
It changed the day and the routine of a working day.
The seat next to me was empty, the day seemed creeping by slowly.
Work distracts me a bit but every quiet moment I wander off.
My thoughts are home with Georgi and Luca.
I love them soo and need to be loved back.
So speed your love to me in every possible way you can
untill I'm home and take you in my arms.
I long for my boy's welcome home kiss.
Every day it warms my heart how he awaits me by the window
and waves and smiles as I get out of the car.
By the time I open the front door he stands there too with his to me O soo important kiss.
And for tonight I long for the 3 massage areas I conquer almost every evening.
No more revealings, just a day dream of a fool in love.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Luca

Almost two years ago
you came out of the belly of your mammy.
Instantly beautiful and conquering our hearts.
Skin to skin to welcome you in our little world,
we cried all together, joyful and thanking God.
We called you Luca Nathan and your story began.
You grew and we still think you are the most handsome boy
and you give us our daily portion of joy.
Enjoy your youth, my son.
Play, learn, eat, sleep and please keep on loving us with your hughs and kisses,
so pure and unforced.
You are always in our hearts and on our minds.
We wish you a plashing, dashing, jumping, pumping second birthday!!
And all the love of mama and papa.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Don't fade away

The sand is running through my fingers.
Only a few stick to my skin.
When I look down the sand-made-figures shaped your eyes
and I fall, deep, into your brown eterity.
I search for your lips because I need to breathe.
Give me the kiss of life and feed my need.
And then I see the southern winds bring you down to me,
dancing on the beach on a death can dance song.
Don't fade away my brown eyed girl...
Silence is my only vertue.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Warm feelings

The round edge of the sun came peeking over the horizon
and delivered the first rays of sun.
Dark became lighter and a new day began.
The light fell on the water of the river
showing a million times the way it flows.
It seemed to me a guide to a collection of rainbows.
I followed the stream down to the sea.
The seagulls and waves were singing to me.
I took a shell and held it to my ear.
I heard your voice telling me: I love you, dear.
Crying to the seagulls, I begged them to take me up high.
They flew around my head asking: Why? Why?

I need to see my loved one,
I need to give her my heart.

The seagulls united and flew me to the sun,
just in time before my day ended and another one began.
I found myself now on the other side of the world,
where the poem to my loved one could finaly be heared.
I knocked on the door of her heart and she let me in.
We want to be like the sun. Never to end, always to begin.

The round edge of the sun came peeking over our hearts......