Sunday, February 19, 2012

I imagined

I was sitting on the top of the world and the shadow of the moon fell on me.
To my surprise it was like a warm blanket covering me.
Then the stars changed into your eyes and I saw us dancing in Paris.
A red rose between your teeth, a silk dress and high heels.
My black tuxs fitted your red lips to perfection.
My tears made the clouds cry and I fled into the lake of sorrows.
Like a drowning man my hands reached out of the water
in search for a rescuing heart.
My harlequin tears colored the lake black.
The swans where long gone and with one remaining feather I wrote ...
a symphony with notes never heard before.
The gentle waves of the lake where my staff
and the wind was the director.
The storm in my heart played it so loud that you couldn't deny the cracks in the wall,
the breaking mirrors or the stopping waterfall.
Eventhou you couldn't swim, you jumped into the inc of the lake and found me, still writing.
"Come" was all you said and we where lifted into the moonlight.
The harlequin gave his heart away but kept his smile.
We walked in Paris for a while.
I was on top of the world again.

Just a feeling.

Very unlikely. Uncommon.
To go back in time, even much further than the day you were born,
and to feel like you were there when something happened or was created.
To feel a joy or even pain that was someone elses.
A struggle in the mind, a blockage, an explosion of creativity,......
a masterpiece.
Envy is attacking me but in the same time I am greatfull for the experience
and maybe I should find will and courage to write my own little masterpiece.
If I ever want to be remembered after I leave for good this God created place
maybe I should leave behind another creation of His.
I'll take that trip back to the present now and put my minds phrases and strophes on paper
and make up a world where joy is all and all is joy.
You are welcome to visit me there any time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Secret title

It had become such a familiar feeling,
a security I never had to think about.
If it was walking, running, jumping...,
your safety net was there to catch me with every fall.
You cleaned my wounds and kissed them.
I didn't get the chance to return the favour
and God knows that was all I wanted.
27 years passed and still not over you.
It's impossible, mom.
Hope to meet you in heaven, one day.