Monday, March 19, 2012

How do I tell you....

My first participation to "Life in pictures"!

I could stop eating, not drink.
I could stop dreaming, sleeping.
I could collect tears,
hide for my fears.

If you're not here, there's no use.

I could hate myself and I do.
I could forget everything and I will.
I could crawl and weep,
never again stand on my feet.

If you're not here, there's no me.

I don't love the ugly me.
I don't like the dirty me.
I settled with the sick and abandonded me
I hate the faking me,
happy, happy me.

If you're not here, nowhere to appear, nowhere near,
there is no use.

I thought I could make it alone but that was before your skin.

I could live under your spell.