Friday, September 12, 2014

Touched by you

Your skin touched mine when you passed me in the much to narrow kitchen that we have
and that was precisely where it needed to be.
A little feverish maybe but known to me.
And I know the smell of your touch.
It's ingraved in mine like an invisable tattou.
And when I'm lonely, sad or afraid
all I have to do is to close my eyes and take in the scent you left for me
all over my body.

Your hair touched my face when you turned in bed last night
and it brought beautiful dreams to me.
Of passed days, certainly but of a sparkling futur too, for you and me.
And we live them bravely and to the fullest.
So if you pass me and I try to touch or smell your hair
it's because I need a dream to come true.

Your smile touched me eyes. Every single one did and now my irises are projecting them in my brain.
A remedy for pain.
A reason not to go insaine.
A walk down memory lane.
Smile and save me
Cry and I will save you.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


When you look at me, who do you see?
They say I don't really exist,
I don't resist.
There's no phoenix in me,
just a long lasting burning candle
that finally will stop burning
really at the end of the rope.

When you touch me, what do you feel?
They tell me I'm cold,
I need to melt before I'm old.
Let some feelings go and evaporate
to be able to feel again and create.

When you talk to me, what do you hear?
They state I'm repetitive,
limited in speech and thoughts.
A mediocre poet, a want to be wannabe
an empty dictionary.

So would you want to be me?
A man who's yelling for years to let him out!
Still a boy crying because of scary dreams in the night.
A human who needs to be held thight.
Still a child afraid of a fight
A father who doesn't do everything wright.
Still a person in search of the light.

God, my sweet Lord,
if my name is still written in the palm of your hand
if I'm not a lost soul,
guide me to a place where I can see,
to a top, a sky, an eternity.
Fill me up with all that is You
and then tell who I am, honestly and true.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Look away

I found your voice in the silence of your words.
Unspoken and so obvious.
Saying nothing sometimes tells us too much,
more than a kiss, a caress, a touch.
I didn't look at you when you were talking
and I saw you again,
better than the minute before,
when I was looking in your eyes.
Reality is hard to live up to
and living is really hard
but if you talk to me, silently..
and I look away...
it's only to really see you.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

60 roses in a minute

I give you a rose for every second that I miss you,
a rose for every second I'm alone.

60 roses in a minute
to let you know where you belong.

Whispers for Valentine

Whispers fall down from the trees
my eyes follow them everywhere they go.
Gold and blood, like your nails in my back
walking against the flow.

The whispers yell when they hit the ground
my ears follow them everywhere they go.
Soft and sweet, like your skin against mine
immaculate in the glow.

Your whispers are in my hands now
my eyes follow them so they don't fall.
Through every letter and every word
I feel the love grow.

I keep your whispers in my heart
my blood follows them everywhere they go.
Fast and slow, from head to toe,
your whispers are the only ones I want to know.

On one knee (for my Valentine)

Imagine we are the stars in a movie or a play.
We read the script and know every line we have to say.

The sandy beach is the scenary
A blue sky and the sea complete the fantasy.

We wait for the first take to begin.

We wave back at the palms and walk towards the waterline.
The shells applaud us, the sand stick to our feet because they want to come on our journey.

A messenger of God awaits us to make us a life lasting union.
Two times the same littlle word changes our destiny.
Man and wife for life.

Imagine we are there.

You know what you will see?

Me, on one knee, asking you, will you marry me?

Te Iubesc.