Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wishes of the heart

I wish my songs could take away
all that is bad in your life.
All that is holding you back.
Everything that makes you unhappy,
miserable or sick.

I wish my voice would cure you.
To be a medicine, ever lasting.
Words for a headacke,
sentences to heal your heart.

I wish my voice would fit my songs.
My words would fit your heart.
My tears would fit your eyes.
I wish just hello's, no goodbye's.

I wish I could move you.
Not put you in another place
but really, really move you
and have you where I want.
Inima mea.

Wet paint

I walk around in the painting that is our life.
The paint is still wet and you can follow my footsteps.
The strokes of your brush are deciding which way I go,
my mood, what I see, what I feel.
You mix the colors of my life and decorate my burning, pumping core.
Paint with your heart, change your brush, now and then, but always paint me.
Create a color just for us and call it love.
Paint with your eyes and see only me.
Make me better than I am, make me worse but always paint me.
Wet paint on my feet, my new fingerprint.
Color me like Antony signs, original and crazy in love.
And sign.
A masterpiece.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crazy in Love

Please open this link and enjoy...more beautiful photos, songs and poems on "Life in pictures" of Costin!

Heart in Paris

It's like a hand inside of me she said
playing the strings of my heart.
Moving me, keeping me still.

We drove on in the streets of Paris.
Looking for our place in a city with no space.

It's like a hand inside of me she said
making me look all crazy
"crazy in love" right now.

We wandered on in the streets of macarons,
of "je t'aime" and "see you soons".

It's like your inside of me she said
protecting my heart
keeping it beating, bleeding.

I entered her heart and went home,
to stay.