Thursday, May 21, 2009

Speed your love to me!

It was lonely in the car this morning.
The sun was rising slowly behind me
and the morning mist rested tired over the fields.
I talked briefly to my love when I woke up
something that doesn't happen often when I have to work.
It changed the day and the routine of a working day.
The seat next to me was empty, the day seemed creeping by slowly.
Work distracts me a bit but every quiet moment I wander off.
My thoughts are home with Georgi and Luca.
I love them soo and need to be loved back.
So speed your love to me in every possible way you can
untill I'm home and take you in my arms.
I long for my boy's welcome home kiss.
Every day it warms my heart how he awaits me by the window
and waves and smiles as I get out of the car.
By the time I open the front door he stands there too with his to me O soo important kiss.
And for tonight I long for the 3 massage areas I conquer almost every evening.
No more revealings, just a day dream of a fool in love.

1 comment:

  1. you'll never be a fool in love, just full of love!!!
    I missed your words but I know you had a busy period. Se head up cause some great days will come, you;ll go riding the bike with Georgi and the smiling boy :-) and you;ll feel like a complete circle all 3 of you ... I needed to read such words to give me strenght and to remind me happiness does exist... bless you all!