Sunday, May 3, 2009

Warm feelings

The round edge of the sun came peeking over the horizon
and delivered the first rays of sun.
Dark became lighter and a new day began.
The light fell on the water of the river
showing a million times the way it flows.
It seemed to me a guide to a collection of rainbows.
I followed the stream down to the sea.
The seagulls and waves were singing to me.
I took a shell and held it to my ear.
I heard your voice telling me: I love you, dear.
Crying to the seagulls, I begged them to take me up high.
They flew around my head asking: Why? Why?

I need to see my loved one,
I need to give her my heart.

The seagulls united and flew me to the sun,
just in time before my day ended and another one began.
I found myself now on the other side of the world,
where the poem to my loved one could finaly be heared.
I knocked on the door of her heart and she let me in.
We want to be like the sun. Never to end, always to begin.

The round edge of the sun came peeking over our hearts......


  1. Oh so warm message in this poem, nice words and nice inspiration! I don't know why, but sometimes when reading your poems i see a picture or hear a song, and now i hear a music starting with one instrument (something sounding like flute) and continuing slowly but more and more intense - until a great simphony of sun and universe makes your hearts melt and sing together a love hymn ... :-)

  2. Thanks Dili, again! I have to say that your comments are very lyrical too and send a nice message.