Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Luca

Almost two years ago
you came out of the belly of your mammy.
Instantly beautiful and conquering our hearts.
Skin to skin to welcome you in our little world,
we cried all together, joyful and thanking God.
We called you Luca Nathan and your story began.
You grew and we still think you are the most handsome boy
and you give us our daily portion of joy.
Enjoy your youth, my son.
Play, learn, eat, sleep and please keep on loving us with your hughs and kisses,
so pure and unforced.
You are always in our hearts and on our minds.
We wish you a plashing, dashing, jumping, pumping second birthday!!
And all the love of mama and papa.


  1. Thank you baby!I am soooo touched!!

  2. so much love in a few lines, great words Pascal! And, for your lucky son -
    Be healthy and playfull and grow up in a dream world where everything is possible - that's how you'll be at least as great as your loving parents! Many many hugs and may you enjoy your Pooh sweet birthday surprises!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kiss on a little cheek!!!!!!!!!!!! Muahh!

  3. Multumesc mult, Dili. From us and Luca. We went to the swimming pool, he was soooo happy but not when we went out. Now it's presents time. We'll tell you later. See you!!!!!!!!!

  4. aaaaaaaaaaand HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the others too who are celebrated in May !!! There's soi much fun waiting for you!

  5. hey i saw the pics, the little prince is sssssso sweeeeeet, and i sent my angel to give his angel a huge box of health all wrapped in red, I hope he'll know how to use it on Luca and make him feel much better until tonight! Take care, kisses for the Pooh!!!!!!