Monday, January 12, 2009


Sadness is the biggest hurt of all.
Madness makes you shater your ideas
and your mind will fall.

Sadness makes all light go away.
Madness temps you to break every bulb
but in the light you will stay.

Sadness makes you lose your reasoning.
Madness blows your heart up
without a good reason.

Sadness builds walls in your head.
Madness is plainly distructif
but brings walls down instead.

Sadness is cruel.
A bitter string of tears.

Madness is welcome to kill my sadness fears.


  1. So nice point of view! Yet they have smthg in common: they both hurt us. Yet, they both can lead smbdy to writing a nice poem... So we'd better just taste them a bit but always let go :-)

  2. You're right Dili, we have to let go because our heart is not made to be filled with them but sometimes, just for a while, they take over.