Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Killing Moon

Darkness creeps over the land
and the stars come out of their hiding place
one by one

My mind is filled with your scent
and my heart pumps my blood in a racing speed
faster and faster

I feel everybody is looking at me
and I look back to each and everyone of them
searching not finding

The moon, the killing moon, mocks me again
giving me hope on a cold lonely night
making me think I will hold you tight
taste your lips, explore the world that's in your eyes
hold your hand in mine, see you smile and shine,
even over the light of the moon, the killing moon.

I fought in vain the cold and irony tonight,
but I'll be back every single night
hoping to see you soon
and kill the killing moon.


  1. I am very proud of you my love, you know I am your number 1 fan, so, keep on going!! Love ya!

  2. Hi there... Let me tell you both, I just pictured you two watching the killing Moon on a dark night, hand in hand, you Pascal whispering her this poem in her ears and.. felt so sweet and warm. So love each other, you're so beautiful together! So glad to meet you... Luca is so lucky that's for sure :-))