Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lonely old man

He's old.
His days creep forward, annoying and slow.
Nothing is as he was told.
Everything to high or to low.
He sees the world as a blury bubble
and it takes so long before they reach him.
He's a prisoner within.
He doesn't understand them or himself.

A glass of water shakes in his hand.
Why his shirt is wet all the time he doesn't understand.
He's alone, his loved ones are gone
Every sound is confusing.
A painful explosion
but it hurt even more when he hears nothing at all.
His senses fade away.
Another - I sit in my chair - day
Let me be, let me out
He wants to cry
He wants to....


  1. Bravo love!!! It"s the best, really!! It touched me deeply!

  2. Wow.... The last 2 lines remained in my head... very strong cause of the visual effect... I'm curious who inspired you...