Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ode to a flower

In trance and upside down,
I was fighting to break free
Because in a green-yellow field,
My destiny was awaiting me.

I felt I had to go and learn to fly
I knew I was beautiful, but felt ugly. Why!?
A transformation to make me excel above the rest
Wings of bright colours and heavenly lightness.

I could over see the world,
And recognize it's beauty!
A flower with honey so sweet
Appealing and attracting me.

My wings made waves of love in the air
And supported me untill in her eyes I could stare.
On her petals I felt safe
She could easily make me her slave.

I whispered that I would love her as long as I lived
We both knew I had only few days to give!
I told her that for her I learnt to fly
The wind made her sway, I made her shy.

We were together in moments so intense and sweet,
I fell down and died at her feet.
But my life had been so complete,
To know your love and destiny
And the reason for your heart to beat!

1 comment:

  1. So pure and sweet, just like a fragile butterfly on a flower... waves of love in the air - that's what I loved most :-)