Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boy in the window.

In the evening there is a boy living in our kitchen window.
When the kitchen's dark you don't see him,
only with light he comes out slow.

He is a friendly boy, he always waves back
and he plays with the same toys as I do,
blocks or cars, no matter what I do, he does too.

Sometimes I say hello, how do you do?
I shout out to you, I see you do too.
Why can't I hear you?

I touched him once, he was so cold.
I went for a blanket but when I came back,
he unfolded one too and gave it back.

I would like he comes into my kitchen
or I cold go into the window
I'd ask him his name, I would like to know.

He's my friend, he knows me, you see.
and what is more he is always happy to see me.

Rendez vous tomorrow evening when the lights go on.
I hope you won't be gone.

1 comment:

  1. He will come to every rendez-vous I'm sure, he needs to play with your toys too much :-)