Friday, January 16, 2009

The travels of a leaf

A leaf fell from a tree
it asked the wind - take me please
because the world I want to see.

Just floating on the air
the leaf went here, there and everywhere
when the wind rested he didn't think it was fair.

In autumn the leaf met a lot of others
laying on the ground
colored yellow, brown and a red so profound.

In winter it felt alone on the world
because the trees were bold
The ground was covered with snow
all his friend would lay below

In spring it was an amazing thing.
The trees swayed a little,the braches started to sing.
Every twig was filled with sisters and brothers
flowers blossomed, nature uncovered.

In summer it was to hot for the wind to blow
in the shadow the leaf would lay, and, so
dream where he had been and what he had seen.

Just before autumn the leaf really fell from the tree
openend its eyes and realized that a dream it would be.
It didn't try to fly on it's own
because when it was way down
the wind picked it up and asked - where do you want to go?

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