Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Waltzing Georgi

I imagine you wearing a long white dress.
With hoops at the bottom
and the higher, the less.
Your hair like on our wedding day,
on your shoulders a vail, for the wind to play.
Alicia doesn't sing today.
On the piano there is this waltz she plays.
And we dance in circles and sway and sway and sway.
The moon shines tonight and the stars took over your eyes.
And me, I am every note you hear.
I hope you like the melody of my heart.
Just one thing more:
Our love is like a waltz,
like circles, it goes on and on.


  1. Sorry for being the first to comment on this, but.... it;s wonderful what you wrote here and it;s a great thing you;re back with your beautiful poems!
    "I am every note you hear" - that should say it all.... Be happy, beautiful lovers, and always remain the same dreamers I know...
    By the way, waltz was in air these days.. and on my blog too hehe.. it's one of my favourite dances....

  2. thanks Dili for your beautiful comment, thanks my love for your words and for your love!

  3. Thanks Dili, your too kind. I'm happy I write again too but time is not always on my side. I wsaw Andre Rieu on your blog. I hope you dance many waltzes listening o his violin.