Wednesday, December 23, 2009


You let go of my hand
I lost you like loose sand
I carry heavy memories
that stick my feet to the ground
You let go of my mind
no thoughts are mine but yours
I remember you looking over your shoulder
Now I am so much older
You let go of my heart
nobody could catch it
I guess a million pieces
nobody to glue it
You let go of me
and I await the after life
A small consolation
is a consolation.
We will be loved again.


  1. May you two always have that special glue in a secret pocket for preventing any broken hearts nightmares, and may you always love each other as you do now!
    Many many hugs for all three and a really happy new year!!!!

  2. Dear dear Dili,
    Thank you for the nice wishes and I wish you an extraordinairy life of surprises, trips and exclamations but most of all a explosion of love and health for your lovely family. I heard you had to go to the tendist!! I think you will be protected this year by the tooth fairy. Hugs from Belgium.

  3. Hahaha the tooth fairy was flying above my head only an hour before 0 o'clock, so I'm stick with her for good.
    Thanks a lot, I wish you all the same great things you put in these 3 lines plus a bonus of poetry inspiration, and may our trips bring us all together this year :P