Thursday, February 26, 2009


My eyes are green and I was called forest.
She walked in them for hours and always was amazed.
I follow her every move without a minute of rest.
She stopped sometimes because she was daized.
I wrote about her and her trips,
I literally was hanging on her lips.
My love for her is clustered to my mind
and chained to my heart.
I live in her shadow,
I carry her heart.
I want to invent an erraser of bad and sad
and rewrite in coulors and flowers about true feelings.
If I coud make a land called " Understandia " it would replace " Utopia ".
My eyes are still green,
the forest is still yours.


  1. ... and that's how you would change the name of that wonderful Nieuwpoort sculpture :-)
    That's a beautiful poem that reached my heart because forests are my love too, together with mountains... And seeing the pics from georgi's blog it made me want to fly there right now :-)
    PS: And I'll be the first who'd buy that eraser !!!!

  2. Fly Dili, fly! Earth belongs to us but actually we belong to the world.