Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What a world!

What is going on with this world of ours, where the youth is hurried to grow up and there is no time left to be a kid. I can't look around me without seeing adolescents being unhappy, insecure, scared or alone. Is it society, is it the parents or just a new rage, a state of mind? Just to be inn! It's something I can't explain because as I see they have so much more, maybe too much. Of course this with war, hunger, AIDS, drugs, divorce and religion infested world is far from it's basics and money consumes everything. When I was a kid all I needed was a ball and a wall and for hours I played in my imaginary world being a pro football player. Or a bike, where I was the winner of the Tour the France. Now all those things are taken away by computer games. No space for movement or developing a young mind. Everything is fed with a spoon and the values of being young or a kid are gone. Some of them resist. The ones, just like me (I am proud to say), who dare to say no to vandalism, smoking, drinking, drugs.....they do great. OK, they don't have many friends or don't belong to a group but do we want friends like that? I didn't.
I fear for the world of tomorrow where my son has to live in and although it's not his responsibility I do hope that his generation is going to reverse this negative spiral.
This is a cry out to all parents to get busy with their kids and lead them back home.
I can't take one more kid shouting: STOP THE WORLD, I WANT TO GET OFF!!


  1. Unfortunately, you're so right! And yes, they have too much compared to 20 years ago. It's hard to handle all this information by grown-ups, and it's much harder for the kids or teenagers. I tried to understand many times how do children grow up these days, with cartoons whenever they want, with computers and mess and games which we rarely know how to manage so that they wouldn't walk on a wrong path.
    But you know what, when I expressed my own fears about exactly the same things, your snoopsy told me to have faith and to trust my own kids. They will be ok if we concentrate a bit and let them also see the shadows, not only the light, let them live but watch them not to fall. Maybe we should grant ourselves more self-confidence and teach them to be brave and wise. Maybe, growing in this wild world, they are already hardened for it.
    I look at my 4-ys old girl and I see a much stronger and clever child than what I was at her age. Yet, she still knows how to play with baby dolls (not only Bratz or Barbie's) and to draw a house, a mountain, a flower and a sun.
    Yet, I look around and I see teens committing suicide for childish reasons and I regret this freedom to see and to know everything... Have trust, friend!

  2. Dear Dili, I trust our kids because I know we are responsable parents and we will bring them the true values. A fact is that they are smarter then we where at that age and the evolve with the world better and faster than we can.
    By the way, thanks for calling me friend.

  3. You and Georgi are some great people, your love and your beautiful souls made me feel happy for having met you. I don't know how long we'll keep in touch, but I've learned that the most important stuff in life comes from little things. Nothing happens by mistake, remember? :-)

  4. I am amazed by the goodness of many of the youth in my area. They are strong and doing good things in spite of the world. They are figuring out where they came from, why they are here and where they are going after death. They are stronger and better than my generation, I think

  5. Thanks for your reaction because it kind of gives me hoope. I also wish you good luck in realizing your dream and that you may publish a great book.