Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fantasy Impromptu by Chopin

I hope when you finished listening to this piece you will understand my next poem.

I'm running, I have to.
Can't stand still now.
Not when I'm so close and yet so far.

I remember when we were holding hands,
walking, the stream by our side.
A little left, little right.
Your lips willing to meet mine.
Every stolen kiss, a crime.
I'm willing to go to jail and pay
if you promise me to wait an stay.

But now they come to catch me,
so I'm running, can't stop now.
I've almost reached sanctuary.
I can already hear your heart beating.
Your harbor is awaiting.

The dilemma is tearing me apart.
Do I listen to my head or to my heart?
I am not able to be alive without you
but to pay would prove my love for you.

I'm captured two times,
once by your smile,
once by my faith.
I'll write you from my exile
I'll paint your smile,
on the wall and on the door,
on every window big or small.
And the sun will grant me a ray of light
that I will capture in my hands
and cherish and hold tight.

Maybe I'll escape, maybe I'll flee.
I have to run in search of you and me.
I hope your waiting for me because I'm getting close.
And I never ever will let go,
once your in my sight
I will attract you and walk with pride.

We have to run now, we can't stand still.
We have to catch up with time
because waisting it is the biggest crime.

1 comment:

  1. You two could never waiste your time together because the love you're feeding each other with is too powerful. Nice way of showing it.. I;mo curious about your story, I know it wasn'tthat easy to be together and the ones who suffered like this know what I mean, so I'm glad the waiting has ended :-).
    Sssssooooo never ever let go :-)!