Friday, February 27, 2009

If (written in blue)

If I would write you a poem on the petals of flowers,
would you read it in its aroma and nurture it for a lifetime?

If I would write you a sonata on the trees of a forest,
would you sway on the rhythm of the branches conducted by the wind?

If I would sculpt you a heart out of a rock in the middle of nowhere,
would you search for it without taking a second of rest and carry it with you
untill the end of time?

If I would die and look upon you every day,
would you pray to recieve shelter and love,
would you pray for more time and erase the time we wasted?

If I would be reborn and knock on your door,
would you embrace a second chance,
would you go out of your way to avoid the pain,
would you let me die again?


  1. no, baby, I would never let you die! very nice the blue colour on the black background!

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  3. Oh, that's for sure my favourite poem so far.... I know only a big love could make you write such words, just picturing your thoughts made me shed a tear... and I dare to answer you last question: I know ('cause I
    ve felt it) that just one second of happiness can make you strong for a lifetime, so I think nobody would never let go a big love just for avoiding pain. Take care you two and keep on putting your beautiful love in such nice words...

  4. Thank you dili!! strange!!! My verification word is "parinti"!!!! baby, that means parents