Monday, February 2, 2009

For love

Sand is gliding through my fingers.
Here and there a grain sticks to my skin.
My nervous, wet hands shake as they hit the ground.
It's an awfull hollow sound.

Like I can't hold you,
some memories remane in my mind.
As the sand falls, your footsteps make the same sound.
The distance is messured by the heartbeats
and the cracks and the pain.

I can't controle anything.
Maybe I am searching for a key I never had.
The mind is dark, the feeling is sad.
I have to force the lock,
create a shock.

I know my heart beats in the right place,
with the right pace.
We will always be together on this world and space.


  1. So interesting... seems like a deep introspection of your soul, you have a special way of putting feelings into words which makes the reader keep thinking even after the poem's over...

  2. Thank you, Dili. Your words make my day and thank you for your post about your true feelings. It will help my snoopsy and this is mayor for me. At your service. hey, if you have a subject you want me to write about, please tell me. Copper.

  3. I have a thousand subjects :-)) but you gotta write about what's on your mind at that magic moment when you put your fingers on the keyboard - that's how powerful feelings must be to fit into words. I'd like to read a poem about friendship here too... :-)

  4. I'm just curious: how do you write, with a pen on a paper or on the pc?

  5. Dili, at home I write on the pc with a headphone on. At work I write on paper.
    Your request was fulfilled. Hope you like it and hope you find what you're searching for.