Thursday, February 26, 2009

Leapsa of my own (and I hope I did it right)

I send it to Snoopsy, Dili, Little Miss Sunshine, Un Om.

If I would be a:

country: Canada
door: emergancy door
form - shape and state: triangle-liqiud
state of mind: smiley
quantity: just enough
sunbloc: zero
streetname: No Hate street
planet: Jupiter
American: Hunter "Patch" Adams
dream: to make a differance in the world.
Romanian: Mircea Eliade
Belgian (start searching-hahaha): Eddy Merckx


  1. taken,but maybe you go to the other "addresses" to let them know! Cocotate means climbing up baby!

  2. thanks pascal. i don't have to search some famous belgian. can I choose gaufre de liege? just kidding :))

  3. Yes, I did and he made me see writing in another way. I'm very thankful for this. Now I come to see what you wrote, c ya.