Thursday, February 26, 2009


I took it from little Miss Sunshine and send it to Snoopsy and Dili.

IF I would be a:

Flower: Mimosa
Season: Spring
Coulor: Green
Animal: Ant
Fashion object: Suspenders
Furniture: Lazy chair
Music: Rach 3
Landscape: Sunset ocean
Object: zapper
Instrument: Piano
Tree: Canadian Poplar
Town: Durbuy (Belgium)
Public person: Obama
Other person: Snoopsy
Book: The Alchemist
Food: Ham filled with salade de boeuf
Superhero: Spiderman
Fenomenon of nature: Snow
Car: Audi SUV
Fruit: Grapes
Bodypart: Heart
Film: The man on the moon.


  1. haha baby! you forgot to say from you whom you took it and to whom you pass it on!niiiice!!! nice answers! heart- hmmm, I wouldn't have thought about it!

  2. ant? are you sure? I saw someone saying an elephant so you might have a problem being near that person :)

  3. Haha! Good one! I think they are amazing. So small and yet so strong. Such a good community also. Like the muscateers: All for one and one for all.

  4. I have a question first of all, you know what means LEAPSA? I think that is a game that you find only in the Balkans

  5. @Un om
    He knows, he is my husband!I explained to him!:)And by the way, they have it here also!

  6. baby, that Leapsa traveled a lot, I find it on some blogs who have no connection with ours, so the links must be many! So, you could give it to Bart, or say that whoever wants can take it!

  7. @ un Om: Are angry? Did I do something wrong? I tried to go on with a "tradition".

  8. Hhahaha you're all so funny... Thanks for the leapsa, but I was the one who sent it to Georgi :-)
    But.... suspenderssssss? :-))))) Does Georgi know?
    And eeeexactly your favourite food was the most loved one at my birthday last year at work, they all ate it and asked for more.
    Aaand "un om" was right, you really should ask Georgi to go in the forest one day with Luca too and teach you how to play "LEAPSA PE COCOTATE". Pics for prove needed!

  9. What Dili? Don't you think suspenders have a beautiful job? :-) I do!
    I crazy about ham with salade de boeuf, mmmm! What means COCOTATE?

  10. LOL if you do I do too :-))
    Cocotate? Haha, that's what I do when seeing a mouse... ask your snoopsy !

  11. angry? no way. just laugh when I saw that you do not know what to do. I really glad to see that this game is expanding