Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bucarest - Oostende ( third and final part)

We entered a with people loaded railway station and mastered our way to a waiting spot. We were about an hour early and had the time to eat something before departure. We wanted to be early because it was important to have a "couchette" for the three of us alone. As soon as the train was announced we made our move but didn't find one couchette that was completely free so moved in with a young guy. We played a little little scene in which we let him know that he should better go and look for a place to sleep with someone else because we couldn't assure him of a quiet night with our little Luca. A bit against his will he went and searched and sortly after that he found a a place with one other person. Our goal was achiefed. The night went smoothly because Luca didn't cry at all and this time no border controles to wake us up. The only stressy thing on our minds was the transfer between this train and the one taking us from Koln to Brussels. We had to look how late train departed, on what rail, buy the tickets and get there with the baby and our luguage. As it seemed we had exactly 16 minutes so we hurried to the train and then I quickly ran to buy the tickets. With a few minutes to spare we took the Thalys (TGV = Train a Grande Vitesse) heading for Brussels where we would have the same situation like in Koln. An hour and a half later we arrived in Brussels to find out that now we had like 20 minutes. The same ritual as before put us on a train to Oostende, where we lived at the time. This time the train was packed. Luca didn't like that so much and was happy to get of the train and into the taxi to drive us home. It was 14.00h and sunny. At home a pille of mail was waiting for us. We quickly threw the bills away!(joke). Without knowing it we stepped in the daily life routine and only in the evening we were thinkung about our trainscapade. A nice memory never to forget.


  1. Yes,all our trips are beautiful memories never to forget ;)

  2. It's funny when you get back home and it takes only 30 min to get into that old routine. It's like it all was a beautiful dream.
    I wish you dream about many trips at least as beautiful as this one, and I'm sure Luca will enjoy the perfect aventures for the happy childhood that he has!