Sunday, March 1, 2009

And the winner is: The Sun and the Ice.

Minus 7.
The sun shines it's lyrics on the Earth
and tries to break the cold wall, word by word.
The shadow of the trees imprisons the suns reflection in the ice
and only the memory of freedom remains.
The colours paint the landscape as an idea of heaven
but colours change quickly, as does reality.
The sun is tired of this icy attitude.
He fights the biggest trees, he gets the smallest bushes,
but does he lose his poetry?
The sun writes the ice away
and tells us the prophecy of summer.
Winter took over for a while but won't prevail
because the sun is the author of this fairy tail.

Congratulations to all!
It was very difficult to choose and actually I had two favorite sentences. The one of Little Miss Sunshine that I used in the poem but also Dili's "The sun kindly asked a tree to bend so he could see himself in the mirror made of ice" Therefore, I wrote another, shorter, poem because it would be a waste not to use it.


Hello Sunshine!
You look radiant today!
Your warmth is touching my very core
and makes me long for more.
This beauty is one of a kind
and constantly plays with my mind.
I bend my frozen body and stay at your feet.
The sun kindly asked a tree to bend so she could see herself in the mirror made of ice.
A little smile appeared and she acknowledged by kissing the ice
and while doing so they coloured the world in shades of pink.
Although they won't be together for long their love will be reborn every year.
In this picture, right here.

Hope you like them both.


  1. very very nice pascal. thank you. big question- can you please wite it in your own language? tahnks again.

  2. Min 7.
    De zon schijnt zijn teksten op de aarde en probeert de koude muur te breken, woord na woord.
    De schaduw van de bomen neemt de reflectie van de zon gevangen in het ijs en enkel de herinner van vrijheid blijft bestaan.
    De kleuren schilderen het landschap zoals zij denken dat de hemel er uit ziet, maar kleuren veranderen snel alsook de realiteit.
    De zon is zo moe van deze ijzige attitude.
    Hij vecht met de hoogste bomen, hij krijgt enkel de kleinste struiken maar verlies hij zijn poëzie?
    De zon schrijft het ijs wegen vertelt ons over de profeet zomer.
    De winter nam even over maar kon niet winnen want de zon is de schrijver van dit prachtig verhaal.

    I hope U like it and it will serve its purpose.
    C ya soon.

  3. That was so nice!!!!!! Congrats to the winner, it's such a beautiful sentence... And pascal, I was really surprised when I continued reading, hehe they can't be too long together but they have the hottest love ever! Thank you so much, both poems were great!
    And I find it interesting how "poezie" means the same thing as in Romanian...