Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The frightening story of happiness.

A man is the strangest animal.
I can only talk about myself because I never was another man.
Growing up in innocence and sheltered from evil,
at least as much as possible.
Through the cracks of the barricades,
in the form of smoke,
it brings cancer in your life not realising what it is,
that it is going to take away.
Mark one.
The pain never went away completely.
I love her still, I always will.

You become your own man.
I chose how I wanted to live,
who I wanted to be and stay.
The world is nothing like they told you.
Mark two.
Deception is a constant neighbour.
You find it in friends and family
and comfort in the unknown future.

Then it happened.
Mark three.
True love knocks on your door.
It really was true love because it kept on knocking
until I opened the door.
I was and am so lucky that love is stubborn
and doesn't give up on me.
Love gave me a wonderful all fulfilling son, sun.
Here is a cliche: I love my love.
Just can't loose this.

Final mark.

1 comment:

  1. Sadness always comes to emphasize our future happiness, yet I never understood why it behaves in such horrible ways... But they say life is fair, so we should hope that's true too. So the conclusion may be: enjoy your sun 'cause the night before it makes you really deserve that. And never hope sad marks will dissapear completely... just be happy now.