Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Friends and money

Two friends talking. A. Can you lend me 250€, I have a lot of bills this month.
B. Ok but I need it back next month.
A. No problem, I promise.

The next month.
B. So how about my money?
A. I'm sorry, again a lot of bills! Next month?
B. Ok but no more excuses!
A. I promise.

Next month.
B. You have my money?
A. No I'm sorry but you can take my dog. A. shows B. an old, sick, dirty, smelly dog without hair or teeth that does his duty everywhere.
B. I don't need that dog, I need my money.
A. Ok Ok next month for sure.

A month later.
B. So you have my money?
A. No man sorry, but you can take my wife.
B. takes a good look at the woman and says: Can I see that dog again?


  1. Oh no, that was mean! Dopn't you know that every woman is beautiful in her way? Lol, but I guess that one was the worst.