Thursday, March 26, 2009

Leapsa !

Tu dupa ce tanjesti ? (What are you longing for?) - Absolute peace of mind for all man kind.
Cand ai spus ultima oara “Te iubesc”? (When did you say "I love you" last time?) - This morning.
Defineste fericirea in 3 cuvinte (define happiness in three words)- Snoopsy, Luca, Health
Cand ai fost ultima oara fericit(a)? (When was the last time you were happy?) - Now!
Ce crezi ca te face fericit(a)? (What do you think makes you happy?) - Snoopsy, Luca, Health
Cand te-ai gandit ultima oara la fericirea ta? (When did you last think about your happiness?) -
Today, but especially yesterday evening when I was writing on the blog.

Got t from Georgi and send to Jokerstyle.