Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stress is my middle name

To all my readers, both of you!

I would like to call out to the world to send me postive energy and thought for I have a big task in the next week. Digging, nivelating and putting a terras. All this rests on my unexpirianced shoulders and unlogic brain who have coordinate this life changing job into a perfect relaxing space.


Thanks to all, known and unknown supporters.


  1. Hm, both of us...hmmmmmmmm...
    Well, I hope you;re working hard right now and you really should if you want to stay alive after this weekend haha.... So... you should be self-motivated on this job and you shoudl try to imagine snoopsy's relaxed face lying down on that wonderful terrace on those nice pillows (or how do you call them?) in a red velvet robe in the middle of the night... good luck now!!!

  2. Well Dili, I'm @work now meaning the office. And I have to work hard and be motivated or this job won't get finished but thanks 4 the good wishes.

  3. babytje,please don't crush,only I am allowed :)!!if you crush also,what is gonna happen to me? Look, Lucatje in my arms smiles at you and says "papaaaa", like you know. All our best,most positive thoughts and encouragement!! We love you soooooooo!!

  4. come on pascal... i wish we could switch places so I can work on your terrase and you ...
    by the way, did I mention that I'm buying a small flat? :)) u know what that, paint, colours, papers...

  5. Hey, you two aren;t allowed to crush unless you do it on those new soft sofas on the terrace. We trust you guys... hugggggs!

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