Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Musical Leapsa

Got it from my Snoops ans send it to the world.

1.Who I am? I'm just a jalous guy. Brian Ferry.

2.What was this day like? Pump up the jam. Technotronic

3.What should I do with my life? Don't worry, be happy. Bobby Mc Ferrin.

4.What are my parents like? Angels. Robby Williams

5.What is love? My heart will go on. Celine Dion

6.What I do in school? Money for nothing. Dire Straits

7.What’s my motto? Don't stop me now. Queen

8.What is the first thing I think first time when I wake up? Oh Happy Day (gospel Elvis Presley)

9.What is the first thing I think when I see my teachers? Shut Up. Black Eyed Peas.

10.What is my life like? Gold. Spandau Ballet


  1. Good way of starting the day, that gospel :D Hey, if your motto is that one, then who stopped you writing poems..? I liked them!
    Nice link those webcams :D

  2. you are full of surprises baby!!I didn't expect most of your answers,but I liked them a lot!love ya

  3. @dili: You are right, I should write more and I will write more.
    @snoopsy: im glad you liked them and I love ya 2

  4. promises,promises...about the writing I mean!