Saturday, June 13, 2009


Come papa, play with the ball.
Football, football, goal goal goal!!

Look daddy, a cat or a dog!
Woaf wooaf or jump like a frog.

I wave and smile everytime papa comes home
and when he opens the door I kiss him too.

I walk with daddy hand in hand
or jump in the sofa high high high!

We go to the playground and play in the sand
and when he says no I try to understand.

Carry me daddy, I'm tired.
Hug me, I want to be close to you.
Help me, papa
I have sand in my shoe.

When I go to bed, we count the stairs
and I say goodnight to all my teddybears.

He puts me to bed with my touchy in the air
blesses me and kisses me everywhere.

14th of june is fathers day in Belgium
For me it is every day.
Maybe I'm a softie but this is how I feel.

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