Saturday, June 1, 2013


I listened to the silence  and still heared your voice.
The wisper and the yell, the song and the prayer.
Echoing in my soul's soul,
pounding in my brain's brain.
The words, one by one, repeating the frases.
Messenger bring me the news and let me fall asleep.
Messenger bring me the news and let me die happy.
And when I rise and see you from a high
I will understand that there is no silence.
There is just a flow of love carrying your presence,
in heaven or on earth.
In my dreams you still hold my hand.
You are forever.
Love  you, mom.


  1. Don't know anything about poems but i like what u wrote.can you please write something about NEW LOVE or LOVING HIM

  2. Hey Avon Girl,
    thanks for your comment.
    I always write poems inspired by my feelings in a moment. My love is not a new one anymore but therefore much stronger one. I'm sure that my next poem will inspire you and if it's talking about "her or she", you can easily replace it with him......
    See you soon?