Monday, May 24, 2010

Time is burning

My fingertips are burning,
the flames run through my arms.
I'm almost out of time.

I sit and stare,looking at nothing,
being nowhere.

I beg the wind for air
and the clouds for shade.

Restless feet are moving randomly
A heartbeat follows
The birds fly away
I stay

My fingertips are burning
but the fire's almost out.


  1. hmm... very plastic way of describing a feeling... and very good! Look how I see this....

    I thought about you 3 this Saturday, I hope you are all ok :-) I'm so glad you are back here, God knows how bad we need to put some moods into words.. please keep on wriitng!
    Many many hugs for Georgi!!!!! And a big kiss for Luca!!!