Thursday, June 7, 2012

Emotions in motion

Did you ever search for that perfect melody,
that song that takes over your body and soul?
Did you ever think that you found yourself in the keys of a symphonie?
You try to read the lines but your tears prevent you of listening
and that's all you want.
To listen and understand.

I played piano on the kitchen table
picturing myself at the keyboard of Chopin or Rachmaninov.
A 44 year old child but happy and moved in that moment.
Like David Helfgott I would like to shine.
He did in his world and out.
Playing Rach n°3 till you drop.

I can only try to write what I feel
and be happy with whatever talent was given to me.
Be happy with every tear that drops because I moved someone inside.
Happy with, what seems to be in my mind, a nice poem.
Happy with a letter from my heart send into the world.
Moved by every little compliment.

Did you ever try to write a perfect poem?
Those all explaining sentences that would solve all the mysteries of the world.
That hate the pain but love the nostalgy.
That prefere to cry and lose dreams running along your cheeks.
I tried, I'm still trying. I guess I always will.
Hope you find love in every word.

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