Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Here and now

I sip my coffee again.
Your face showed in it's foam
and for a breef moment I thought you smiled at me.

A song on the background stole my thoughts
and makes me want to shout out,
here and now,
where are you?

I gave you all my secrets and smiles.
There is no better place for them to be.
I took all your time thou,
but so in need.

There is no good way to say goodbye,
even if it's just for a second,
and I shout out,
here and now,
where are you?

We shared our blood
and you're the keeper of my heart.
I stole yours and will keep it for ever,
like a thief,
but rich now.

My coffee is gone,
the song died in the background
and I realize you where beside me all this time,
but I still shout out,
here and now,
I love you.

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